SNP - will Paxo interview Sturgeon?

  john bunyan 13:25 29 Mar 2015

I do not normally read the Express but this article summarises , I think reasonably accurately, the consequences of Devo Max for Scotland. What amazes me is that so many highly educated Scots voters seem to totally gloss over the costs of the SNP "manifesto". Even if they succeed in persuading a future Government to abandon Trident, there would have to be large Scottish tax rises to meet their plans, or a totally unacceptable increase in the National Debt. I look forward to seeing Paxman pressing Sturgeon on this.

Article on SNP

  Forum Editor 13:40 29 Mar 2015

Imagine that you were Scottish, and fiercely proud of the fact. You voted Yes in the referendum, and were bitterly disappointed when the result went the other way. You are an SNP supporter through and through.

Put yourself in that position for a moment, and then think again - would you still be so surprised that "so many highly educated Scots voters seem to totally gloss over the costs of the SNP "manifesto"?

  john bunyan 14:02 29 Mar 2015

Forum Editor

The fact that so many are " an SNP supporter through and through" is the amazing thing. 55% voted "No" yet it appears there is a landslide towards the SNP. They simply seem to forget the economics in their (almost) xenophobia. I would be equally worried if the BNP or EDL were as popular.

To be self critical, I accept that Democracy is a fine thing providing people vote as I wish!!

I hoped to start a little lively debate by baiting a hook - I suspect my arachnid colleague will comment!!!

  bumpkin 15:11 29 Mar 2015

will Paxo interview Sturgeon

Stuff the fish?

  bumpkin 16:35 29 Mar 2015

Well of course.

  bumpkin 16:36 29 Mar 2015

Or maybe too subtle for you spider.

  Forum Editor 17:00 29 Mar 2015

I imagine that we'll see a few political discussion threads over the next few weeks, so perhaps you'll all bear with me if I issue a warning now.

If I see any nasty personal attacks or sly innuendo directed at individuals in the forum I will immediately delete the offending posts - there will be no warnings, and no explanations. I will edit posts if it seems appropriate, and doesn't alter the dynamic of a discussion; there will be no warnings or explanations about that, either, although I will add a note to the post involved, saying that it has been edited by me.

This election looks set to be one of the most interesting for a very long time - let's not spoil the fun with unpleasantness.

  flycatcher1 17:20 29 Mar 2015

Many people I know south of the Border now wish that Scotland had gone it alone. This includes an ex member of the Scottish Executive.

  john bunyan 17:39 29 Mar 2015


I thought my little thread would shake the spiders web. I have no intention, even without FE's warning of making this in any way personal. Indeed I have enjoyed our past arguments and respect your contrary views to my own.

It looks likely that the Tories and Labour will be neck and neck, and the SNP may have ,say, 50 seats. They will obviously, then, side with Labour (whether or not they are the largest party).

They will then, as you point out "'fight their corner' ". Some things, like the abolition of the House of Lords, may find a lot of support nationwide. Others, such as Trident, may be more controversial.

The Scots, already, receive far more per head from central Government than does England, and they want even more to be spent on "investing for the future" . This can only mean more borrowing - which would lead us towards a Greek scenario.

The SNP, with, say, 50 members, therefore , would , with less population behind them than London, be seeking to impose very radical policies on Defence and Public spending on the rest of UK. I believe that this would result in a backlash from the English and indeed may well suit Cameron if it led to a rapid UK break up as England on it's own would be likely to be Tory. Incidentally, some Scots friends , who have and do live in Scotland are seriously considering moving South in the event of an independent Scotland. Sturgeon is unlikely to wait "a generation" before another referendum.

I reiterate that I would love to see Paxman questioning Sturgeon on the economic issues.

  morddwyd 19:00 29 Mar 2015

What seems to have gone unnoticed is that Alex Salmond's alternative question in the referendum, which was resisted and refused by all the Westminster parties has now been decided on by default.

If you cast your mind back to the time of the great debate (though I doubt if that debate was widely reported in England at the time) about what the ballot paper would actually ask, the SNP wanted to offer "Devo max" as an alternative to full independence.

This was vigorously resisted by the unionist parties, but this is what Scotland now effectively has, or will have once the legislation is passed.

Virtually everything except foreign policy and defence will be devolved, which is exactly what Salmond was offering as an alternative to full separation in the years building up to the referendum(I'm looking back two years or more, not just the few months before the the actual vote, when the English press started to take notice. The debate about what was actually on the paper was as hotly debated as the issue itself.)

Small wonder the SNP are doing so well, they have actually produced the alternative favoured by most of the Scottish people, but the sixth formers who now constitute both front benches can't see it.

They have played, and are continuing to play, right into his hands, I've said this before, and on this forum, Sakmond wasn't ready for the referendum, he was expecting it in yen years or so, but hose clowns at Westminster made such a hash of things that it suddenly loomed up like a log being swept along in a torrent.

  john bunyan 19:21 29 Mar 2015


I will await other inputs!

Amusingly, with reference to your last paragraph,I have a grand daughter who is a second year undergrad at UCL (she got 615 UCAS points). This will be her first vote, and even as a member of the UCL Debating Society, I think she will vote Green.

You see, therefore, how it is that I realise that supposedly intelligent people do funny things when it comes to politics; as I said above , democracy is fine if the majority share my views!

I think flycatcher 1's views will be shared by many, but I would regret the rise of an English equivalent to the SNP.

I still find it hard to accept that "fiercely proud" Scots cannot also be "fiercely proud" British, after all the population of Yorkshire is about the same as Scotland, and, as far as I know, Brumas is not, as yet, wanting independence... .

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