Shopgirl 15:05 21 May 2011

Hello Can Anybody Help : 1: My boyfriend snores very badly. 2 : Went on holiday could not sleep for three nights. 3 : Tried "Silence" spray did not work. Before we went on holiday tried the pillow for snoring costs £15.00 did not work. Tried other sprays did not work. Going on holiday again in September "Hopefully" Looking forward to your views

  wee eddie 15:15 21 May 2011

Get new boyfriend!

Almost all remedies are ineffective, I've tried many of them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 21 May 2011

Different bedrooms ---- in different hotels if its really that bad :0)

  wee eddie 15:28 21 May 2011

p.s. It was my last girlfriend that snored, and it was not just a delicate snort now and again, but then so do I.

  Forum Editor 15:32 21 May 2011

Does he sleep on one pillow or two?

If it's two, get him to try one - it can have a beneficial effect.

Is he overweight? That can make make matters worse.

Does he sleep on his back? That makes snoring more likely.

I have a client who - according to his wife - is such a bad snorer that a 747 at full throttle would sound like a whisper by comparison. I suspect that she's exaggerating ever so slightly, but you tend to do that when you're desperate. When they go on holiday they book two bedrooms - it's that bad, and fortunately they are wealthy, so they can afford it.

I'm sure your boyfriend isn't that bad, but it might be worth getting some professional advice before it ruins your relationship. What starts as a mildly irritating trait can rapidly become a serious problem for both of you.

  OTT_B 16:02 21 May 2011

No alcohol before bed either. It's a sure fire way of promoting snoring!

  johndrew 16:11 21 May 2011

Have a look here it may help link text link text

  bremner 16:16 21 May 2011

This has worked wonders for me but more importantly my wife Click here from door rattling to virtually non existent.

Tried the Sleep Pro 1 for a month before upgrading to the 2 which is a much more personal fit.

  BT 17:48 21 May 2011


I've got one, not that make but identical as far as I can see. The 'Boss' reckons it doesn't make the slightest difference too my snoring.

  rdave13 18:00 21 May 2011

Well, if your boyfriend can't sleep (for three days you said?) because of his snoring then tell him to go for a walk and not disturb your good self. 8-| Seriously, though, just give him a good poke with your elbow. My missus says it works but as I'm the recipient of the 'elbow poke' I can't honestly vouch for it.

  bremner 18:43 21 May 2011


There are many reasons why people snore. A Mandibular Advancement Splint like the Sleep Pro will only help if the cause is a lack of firmness in the Soft palate and upper airway.

The problem is knowing what is the individual cause.

I tried several others without success before finding what worked for me.

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