The Snooping Public..??

  Mark5001 16:20 04 Dec 2009

A firm has plans to stream live cctv footage on the net and get people to monitor these cctv images and report crimes. Good idea or not? I do not think so.

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  Clapton is God 16:41 04 Dec 2009

Good idea or not, I've personally got better things to be getting on with than monitoring CCTV cameras.

Such as my life.

  spuds 17:04 04 Dec 2009

Its feasible I suppose, but I wonder how many 'volunteers' would drop-out of the scheme when they do not win the monthly draw.

  ulrich 17:09 04 Dec 2009

Than watching the rubbish on the television.

  canarieslover 20:09 04 Dec 2009

...true reality T.V. Bore yourself to sleep every night.

  Mark5001 21:03 04 Dec 2009

Spot on they could market it as a cure for insomnia.

  interzone55 22:04 04 Dec 2009

I've had a few people from this company speaking to me this week.

Sounds like an interesting concept, but the ability to stream live real-time CCTV over domestic broadband connections is still some way off I'm afraid...

  morddwyd 08:16 05 Dec 2009

Will certainly widen the horizons of those who are always twitching their net curtains!

  Forum Editor 08:18 05 Dec 2009

There's the germ of a very good idea in it, but I can foresee all kinds of problems.

  Chegs ®™ 11:54 05 Dec 2009

I think its a good idea but also agree that these 10,000 early sign-ups will rapidly diminish in much the same way our towns CCTV was initially monitored regularly,& is now either out of action,not pointing the right direction or simply not monitored.

  interzone55 16:18 05 Dec 2009

A lot of town centre CCTV cameras are linked back to monitoring stations by extremely expensive, and very fragile, fibre optic cable.

It only takes a clumsy workman to put his spade through the plastic duct holding the cable and the camera is out of action until the council/police can afford to fix the cable. This often means the camera is just left out of action.

A customer of mine has the CCTV maintenance contract for a couple of universities and hospitals in the south east. When he first rolled up at one university site the CCTV manager proudly showed him the monitoring station where they watched the 64 cameras on campus. After my customer did a full site survey they found 110 cameras, some of which had never even been connected up, a couple of these cost £2k a piece when purchased 4 years earlier and the CCTV manager didn't even realise they'd never worked. He lost his job a week later...

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