The Snooker Final

  Quickbeam 20:44 03 May 2010

They're both suffering from nerves, I can see this lasting 'til gone midnight.

  Quickbeam 04:34 04 May 2010

Did anyone stay up? I decided I'd have time to watch the X Men film, but fell asleep and missed it all... only just woken up:(

  michaelw 08:43 04 May 2010

I'm glad the Aussie won.

  Quickbeam 09:01 04 May 2010

I'm told I didn't miss much anyway, they remained nervous and missed pots all night, making for a boring match finish.

The final score suggested that they should have finished a couple of hours earlier than they did.

  Chegs ®™ 09:23 04 May 2010

I enjoyed watching,though would've preferred for Dott to win.

  birdface 09:30 04 May 2010

Must have been one of the most boring finals ever.
I gave up watching about 11.30 and went to bed.

  Armchair 10:42 04 May 2010

It made the election build-up look exciting. Why so many frames?

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