Snake...should I be concerned!?

  silverous 18:03 06 Aug 2006

This morning as I walked outside I heard something in a shrub by our front door...out popped a small toad/frog type creature and ran off down the drive. I then heard more movement and saw what I believe to be a grass snake slither out of the shrub and into one of the vents in the brickwork in the outside of our house!

I daren't tell my wife as she is terrified of snakes... I know they are harmless and I'm presuming there would be no route from the cavity in the wall to the inside of the house but it still gives me a bit of the creeps having seen it!

  SANTOS7 18:11 06 Aug 2006

Harmless, but sometimes can be mistaken for the commom adder by the markings on its head, fair test would be to let it bite you (sorry) LOL. if you are concearned contact your local RSPCA they will advise you what to..

  SANTOS7 18:11 06 Aug 2006


  SANTOS7 18:15 06 Aug 2006

click here
this will give you a bit more info especially as to its nesting habits, hopefully its not under your house..

  cycoze 18:16 06 Aug 2006

This will probably help click here with identification, dont badger it whatever it is, if worried contact the council`s pest control who will be able to advise.

  silverous 19:15 06 Aug 2006

Thanks, I think i'll contact the council as I don't like the idea of them nesting in the cavity of our house!

  silverous 19:19 06 Aug 2006

Good advice cycoze...the local council has a form on their site so I can inform them without raising suspicion with my wife. I've done that and will take their advice. If we don't need to do anything about it then I'm happy, although a little bit freaked out by it (only a bit) :)

  spuds 19:58 06 Aug 2006

Not wanting to put any fear into the posting, but doe's any of your neighbours keep snakes?

Warm weather, open doors make a very inviting escape adventure route. Surprising the amount of times the RSPCA get requests for snake collections. The snakes usually turn out to belong to someone local, who have kept their hobby fairly quiet.

  €dstowe 20:18 06 Aug 2006

I have adders in the rubbish heap at the bottom of my garden and slow worms (legless lizards) in my compost bins.

I leave them alone and they leave me alone. I'm quite pleased they are there and do everything I can to encourage them to stay - like making provisions for insects to breed and suchlike.

  jakimo 20:21 06 Aug 2006

You don't say if your house has solid or a wooden floor(floor boards).

If the latter then your visitor will be in the cavity below the floor boards and will look for gaps in the boards and skirting.If a concrete floor,then you don't have a problem,other than your wife!

  silverous 20:46 06 Aug 2006


It is a "block and beam" floor with wooden veneer on top of that. I don't think there should be any connection with the cavity and the outside wall otherwise moisture could get in so I'm pretty sure the snake can't!

Do I tell my wife or not...something tells me not to, I think she'll freak out and want to move ;)

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