Smoking ban.

  lisa02 11:37 30 Apr 2007

Well the ban kicks in from today in Northern Ireland.

Just a reminder for the smokers that they'll get £50 fines for smoking in public buildings/confined spaces.

I'm in 110% support of the ban and they reckon it'll save at least 250 lives a year.

  charmingman 12:04 30 Apr 2007

Here Here..!!!
never been a smoker & i sympathise for people that have ill health from it or who are trying to stop & cant,

in the same breathe ive got the upmost respect for anyone that has stopped.

thing is before anyone gets agitated about the fact that i sympathise for people with ill health from smoking is the fact that years ago smoking WAS encouraged hugely all over the world & in some countries still is

i belive & i suppose i can safetly say this that this was before it was prooved that there was a link to Cancer & other dieseases,

but those people that are in there late 40'50'& 60 or even 70's 80's if your so lucky that just cant quit & have pysical issues over it i feel so sorry for them
as when they was children or even into there teens (pending how old you are) smoking was looked at a a kinda style or a mature status its simply to late for majority of oldish smokers...

This ban is a MUST,& been respectable for the smokers i think that where theres a ban there should also be a place of haven for them to light up...

  spuds 12:12 30 Apr 2007

I wonder if the casualty rate is going to go up at our local NHS hospitals. It makes a very nice sight to see the staff standing outside the main gates having a quiet puff, great advertising for a stressful environment. Wonder where the secret hide-out will be next ;o)

  riiverstock 12:12 30 Apr 2007

We will look back very soon and be amazed that we allowed smokers to aid the early deaths of others.

Maybe with a little foresight we could now topple the mad and greedy corporate rush to wi-fi,next.

  J B 12:24 30 Apr 2007

Has it ever occured to you that people in their "late 40'50'& 60 or even 70's 80" don't want to quit because there is a ban in place. I am a smoker and will respect the ban when it comes into force in England, but I must say that if and when I quit smoking I will do it of my own volition and not because someone tells me to because of a ban or what ever.

Incidently, there are a lot of people who are taking up smokeless tobacco in place of cigarette's, are they going to ban that as well? J.B.

  wee eddie 12:31 30 Apr 2007

For a while now.

It's great. There was a drop in Pub sales but from what I am hearing, there is a slow recovery there.

Restaurants are now a pleasure to visit and, for me, our Curling Rink is free of that chest damaging fug. Brilliant.

  montyman 12:45 30 Apr 2007

J B--
i dont think that charmingman was having a dig at you or critisizing smokers also nor was he telling you to quit..i think you need to read his post again & not just to conclusions hense charmingmans last words "This ban is a MUST,& been respectable for the smokers i think that where theres a ban there should also be a place of haven for them to light up"
chill man chill

  al7478 12:50 30 Apr 2007

No, the wont ban smokeless tobbacco aswell, as t has no negative effect on anyone other than the user. The passive effect of smoking is why it is being banned. I find it unbelievable that people still use that argument.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 30 Apr 2007

Times change and society evolves (not always for he better).

I can remember signs on buses saying "No Spitting"
Hardly anyone chews tobacco nowadays and certainly not in public.

Whats the next thing that needs to be banned?

How about the unsightly mess that chewing gum causes on our streets and the cost to councils of trying unsuccessfully to remove it?

  pj123 13:00 30 Apr 2007

GIVE UP SMOKING! And the ban won’t affect you.

I started smoking when I was 14. I joined the Royal Navy at 15, cigarettes were 2 shillings and 4d (old money, about 12p today) for 100.

Almost everybody smoked then. In fact, on my very first First Aid course we were told to give them: A cup of sweet tea and a cigarette!!!

A few years ago I was diagnosed as having Emphysema, (incurable). I stopped smoking 3 years ago. I now have to carry an oxygen bottle with me everywhere I go.

I have friends who still smoke, they see me with oxygen tubes unable to go very far without becoming breathless, but you can’t tell them, can you?

BTW, I'm 71 now.

  georgemac © 13:04 30 Apr 2007

best thing that ever happened up here, it is a joy to go to a pub or restaurant now - what a difference.

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