Smart Meter, Smart Move?

  oresome 16:39 02 Dec 2009

Energy suppliers are to be responsible for installing smart meters in all households in the UK by 2020 at a cost of about £340 per household.

They will be able to recoup the cost from customers through higher bills or upfront fees but the companies stand to make big cost savings themselves, with the need for teams of meter readers becoming a thing of the past.

I pay the bill so I know how much appliances cost to run and I also supply meter readings through an internet account. It seems a lot of effort and money to achieve very little in my case.

  canarieslover 16:46 02 Dec 2009

This is another initiative that looks as if it will hit the customer harder than the supplier. If it does work as it should then the end result will be to add all the meter readers, and the support staff needed for them, to the ever lenghtening queue at the dole office.

  onionskin 23:20 04 Dec 2009

A google search on Lord Truscott + smart meters, and Lord Taylor + smart meters is enlightening.

  peter99co 23:27 04 Dec 2009

My gas and electric meters are read by the same reader twice a year.

End result will be to add all the meter readers to the ever lenghtening queue at the dole office

Who will read my gas meter or does that have a smart meter as well?

  peter99co 23:29 04 Dec 2009
  Forum Editor 23:30 04 Dec 2009

are undoubtedly the future. Goodbye to estimated bills.

  onionskin 23:35 04 Dec 2009

Yes, that Lord Truscott.

  Tim1964 00:37 05 Dec 2009

When we had an estimated bill we just phoned up with the correct reading and the bill was amended before it was sent out. We now have an outside meter cabinet so it can be read at any time.

Smart meters are only for the benefit of the leccy suppliers (inside knowledge- work for EDF) as a means to increase charges disguised as yet another 'green tax'.

Has the question "what if I don't want a 'smart meter' installed?" been answered.

The smart meter is supposed to dial out to the supplier with it's data, who is going to set this up/install it/does it interfere with BB or phone lines/Sky boxes etc. If it's going to be wireless (3G for eg) who will maintain it /pay for the bandwidth/network costs.

Maybe the response from us all should be "thanks, but no thanks".

  lotvic 01:03 05 Dec 2009

I pay a set monthly DD so the 'bill' I get online is 'for information only' I can adjust the reading online if I want.

I don't need a smart meter that will cost me more.

  Kev.Ifty 01:32 05 Dec 2009

They are going to be computer controlled. What OS? I bet XP. What could possibly go wrong?

  Forum Editor 08:29 05 Dec 2009

Please explain how a power company can use the installation of a smart meter as a means to increase charges "disguised as yet another 'green tax'."

It has been estimated that the portion of the cost passed on to householders will amount to about £5 a year, but that most people should be able to save £25 or £30 a year as a result of having access to a display panel telling them how much power they're consuming.

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