slowed-up internet?

  p;3 15:49 10 Feb 2007

anyone tried sending themselves a test mail recently to check the system?

some of mine seem lost out there somewhere after hours of sending

who has eaten them; own up!!

  VoG II 16:13 10 Feb 2007

I seem to be getting them OK except from message boards. I had about 20 this morning relating to topics I had posted to yesterday afternoon - not terribly helpful.

Also an e-mail with an Excel attachment sent to me by a PCA member found its way into Outlook's Junk Mail Folder. Just as well that I peeked in there in a moment of boredom.

  p;3 18:17 10 Feb 2007

mails normally get delivered pretty pronto;

I've just checked my server and it is empty
I am still awaiting a bucket load of mails from another site on which I have two new threads running ; goodness knows there those notifcations have vanished to; I even mailed myself FROM that site to test it and that has gone to....where!!!not me...yet......

  Forum Editor 18:39 10 Feb 2007

in a matter of seconds, but lots of factors can combine to slow things down.

Great slews of spam, for instance, and millions of mails that have been bounced by people who think it's fun to use mailwasher to send spam back to its source. It doesn't go to its source of course, it just sludges up the system, and slows delivery of legitimate messages.

Mail servers are pretty reliable, but when they're bombarded they'll queue messages, and that causes delays. If the inbound queue gets too big - as can happen when spamming attacks occur - the server might call it a day, and stop accepting mail entirely. Mail hubs are also responsible for delays - they have to sort mail to POP mailboxes, and can be resonsible for quite long delays at busy periods.

If you want to help the email system to stay fast and reliable there are three golden rules:-

1. Don't use software to bounce spam.

2. Don't send spam yourself.

3. Don't forward chain letters, or those hoax virus warnings that crop up constantly. If you receive an email asking you to "Forward this to everyone on your contact list" put it straight into your waste bin, where it belongs.

  p;3 19:38 10 Feb 2007

unfortunately I mean all mail;and I have one site I am still awaiting a stack of mails from::((

  PurplePenny 20:31 10 Feb 2007

I too have lost mail. I sent an e-mail to Loki at Microsoft (part of their Vanishing Point competition) and never did get the answer that everyone else was getting. Many days later I received a "timed out" message.

Likewise I should have received an e-mail from Loki telling me that I had got her identity right but wasn't the first but no such missive ever arrived.

I just hope that they are not trying to e-mail me to tell me that I've won something wonderful.....

  beeuuem 20:57 10 Feb 2007

I received four mails tonight that had been sent via ntl, one sent on 23rd January.and 3 on 27th January. Where they have been hiding I have no idea!

  Jak_1 23:17 10 Feb 2007

I've had no problem receiving mails and all mail I have sent today has been received too.

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