Sloppy Searching

  morddwyd 14:01 28 Nov 2009

I was looking for a particular sort of necktie and Googled "Tie"

I have obviously led a very sheltered life!

  Confab 14:19 28 Nov 2009

All I see are neckties, even with filtering turned off.

  Forum Editor 14:22 28 Nov 2009

than you realise if a series of links to sites about ties and various other innocuous subjects concerns you.

  wiz-king 14:23 28 Nov 2009

Its a good job you weren't loohing for a 'tie-down' - a strap or rope used to tie down an aeroplane in high winds!

  bremner 15:28 28 Nov 2009

A few years ago the we offered the kids the opportunity to see Dick Whittington in panto and searched on the Internet for them to understand what it was about.

Good job I did so without them being infront of the monitor!!

  Al94 19:02 28 Nov 2009

Maybe he found these? click here

  tullie 19:58 28 Nov 2009

Can someone explain the point of this thread?

  Woolwell 21:58 28 Nov 2009

Does there have to be a point? Is that in the forum rules?

  morddwyd 07:33 29 Nov 2009

My secret is out!

  SimpleSimon1 15:04 29 Nov 2009

Could have been a lot worse!

My wife is a Cogntive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and whilst designing her web site, I used Google to suggest keywords associated with this term.

To put it mildly, the results weren't what I expected! It would appear that CBT also has a totally different meaning to a select proportion of the male population.

Fortunately, the widespread use of CBT in it's mental health sense means that the alterntive interpretation comes out very low in search rankings. Mind you, I supose aficionados of the alternative meaning would be suitable candidates for treatment by her :-)

  Condom 15:11 01 Dec 2009

My first site of p*** on the Internet came after Googling "The White House" as I was trying to contact an old US Ambassador to the UK who had asked me to keep him in touch about someone who had assisted a group of US citizens who ended up in my hospital following a bus crash. It certainly taught me to buy a virus blocker(Dr Solomon)I think it was called as everytime I tried to close a page 10 more seemed to open.

Those were the days

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