Sloe Gin....What to do with the sodden sloes?

  six-h 20:10 15 Dec 2007

Most years I have made Damson Gin for Christmas.
The drink is always well received, and the plumped up ,gin sodden damsons disapear like magic!
Last year, I thought I would experiment using natures free harvest of Sloes.
Since I have no experience of them, I thought that they would also be edible after draining the liquor off even though they are fifty percent stone!
However, many of them have gone hard and the rest don't look particularly appetising.
Can anyone advise me if the soft ones are worth using in some way, or am I destined to have flocks of drunken birds staggering around my garden for a few days??

  BRYNIT 20:20 15 Dec 2007

The forum might give you the answer click here.

After a little reading it looks as though the birds will be staggering around your garden for a few days??

  six-h 20:28 15 Dec 2007

Thanks for the link, I'll have a read, can't say I'm too happy at the prospect of sharing my gin with the little fethered blighters though,.... bless 'em!

  €dstowe 21:46 15 Dec 2007

Never had the sloes hard after being soaked. Did you wait until after the first frost before using them? That's a golden rule.

As to what to do with the sloes, press through a sieve to collect the pulp and use that on ice cream, put it in trifles or in apple pies.

As the pulp is loaded with alcohol, it will keep well if it's put in a tightly closed jar.

  wee eddie 21:58 15 Dec 2007

Although I would use the Pulp to make either a Jelly (for desert) or as the basis for a sauce to serve with Venison.

  laurie53 09:16 16 Dec 2007

Use them as a starter for a rumtopf.

  six-h 21:22 16 Dec 2007

€dstowe, wee eddie & laurie53,
Thanks for your suggestions, truth to tell, I can't remember if there was any frosty nights prior to me picking them but it was around the end of October last year so there is a good chance!
I'll certainly try the seiveing method, and experiment with the pulp.
At present, before attacking it with the seive, it doesn't look particularly appetising - sort of a brown pastey mush, as opposed to the plump fleshy look of the damsons innards!
maybe we've saved the birds from a hangover after all!

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