A Slap in the face

  csqwared 19:37 13 Aug 2008

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Sorry, but this is just plain ridiculous. A father sees his daughter going 'off the rails' and tries to do something about it and finds himself with a criminal record and, in all likelyhood, his job prospects severely affected. People go on and on about the youth of today, no respect etc. etc. are we to be surprised?
Perhaps the girl ought to think herself lucky she has such a caring person looking after her or she might have been the one with record and no prospects.

  Forum Editor 20:45 13 Aug 2008

He hit a 13 year old girl in the face, and she rang the police. They had no way of knowing that this was an isolated incident, and as the Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said ""An allegation of domestic violence was made and GMP officers always take these allegations very seriously."

Quite rightly so. This man admitted the offence (for that's what it was), and to be honest, banging a neighbour's window at midnight hardly seems to be a justification for slapping your teenage daughter in the face.

Obviously the daughter didn't expect the consequences to be quite so serious for her father - no doubt she wanted to give him a scare - but he's the adult in this equation, and he's the one who should have been acting with a little self control. He lost it for a moment, and he's paying a price. I find it hard to have much sympathy for him.

  GRIDD 20:53 13 Aug 2008

Depends on the neighbour. If they were old, frail or whatever it could have given them a heart attack. I know it'd scare me if someone was banging my window at midnight. My young children wouldn't have liked it either.

Had I been the parent I'd have stood back, and then called the Police to caution her for breach of the peace / disorderly conduct.

  gardener 20:56 13 Aug 2008

Well the way I see it is that these kids are fully conversant with their rights but fail to see any of their responsibilities.

What damage has it done to her? It's not exactly disfigured her has it?

I've been slapped by my father a few times in my younger life but I wouldn't have dreamt of reporting him. In fact in retrospect I think he had every right to do so.

  Forum Editor 21:02 13 Aug 2008

I would have apologised to the neighbour, and sent my daughter to bed with a severe telling off. In the morning, when tempers had cooled I would have talked some more.

Hitting a teenage girl in the face for something like this is an overreaction, to say the least. Hitting a teenage girl in the face for any reason is a pretty nasty thing for anyone to do.

  csqwared 21:03 13 Aug 2008

indicated that the window banging incident was the culmination of a variety of wrongdoings by this 13 year old who admitted she deserved the punishment "because of the things she had been doing". Yes, the father did lose it on this occasion but the fact that he appears to have brought up four children successfully should have gone some way to deciding how he was dealt with by the police.

I'm a little surprised, given that his daughter admitted she had been in the wrong, that the matter wasn't dealt with by a simple caution.

I do have sympathy for the guy given the effect this is going to have on his future career and prospects.

  gardener 21:06 13 Aug 2008

"It simply tells your child that violence is acceptable and gives the message that it's all right for them to hit other people."

So what do we tell our children, Mr.Bush and Mr. Blair (Brown) to justify our slapping of Afghanistan and Iraq?

  Forum Editor 21:12 13 Aug 2008

The matter was dealt with by a simple caution, once the Police had made sure there was nothing more serious involved. It's their job to do that, and they seem to have acted exactly as they should have in the circumstances.

  Forum Editor 21:13 13 Aug 2008

If you're not capable of understanding the difference between a father slapping his daughter's face and what has gone on in the Middle east there's little point in discussing it any further.

  gardener 21:19 13 Aug 2008


I am capable of understanding, which is why made my comment.

  robgf 21:36 13 Aug 2008

While I believe the Police acted correctly, they had to investigate fully, I do find this statement by Lucy Thorpe amusing.

"All parents can sometimes be pushed to the limit by teenagers who are looking to see how far they can go but smacking won't solve the problem.

"It simply tells your child that violence is acceptable and gives the message that it's all right for them to hit other people."

As smacking by parents has been outlawed for several years, along with corporal punishment at school. Why are the levels of violence amongst youngsters higher than ever, surely they should be at an all time low, a flaw in the logic somewhere?

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