Sky Tv & there Advertising techniques

  royalflush 00:47 06 Mar 2007

Just watching a program that started on sky & it was on just SIX minutes before i had to watch three minutes of adverts,then i watched another 13 minutes & again 4 minutes of adverts,now iam into the third part of it & ive got another 4 minutes of i watch a program they say last's a hour but it realy is more 45 mins....

  Strawballs 01:26 06 Mar 2007

That is why Star trek on sky is 1 hour and on BBC 2 45min

  rodriguez 08:38 06 Mar 2007

It does seem to be getting shorter before there is an ad break - I remember it used to be after about 15 mins, then it was 12, then 10, now 6. Seems to be going the same way as American TV.

  john-231489 08:51 06 Mar 2007

Whilst on the subject of advertising on sky or indeed on terestrial can anybody explain why many of the adverts have to be so much louder than the programs. I seem to spend half my evenings adjusting the volume to an accetable level.

  john-231489 08:53 06 Mar 2007

"Acceptable even"

  royalflush 09:50 06 Mar 2007

"fourm member" & "rodriguez" good points there & iam so glad other agree &/or see my point,

"Kovus" yes is there answer the volume does seem to get higher when the adverts are on & i dont have a clue..? it could be to grab hold of viewers its sure does doesnt it,

The adverts whilst watching a program or a documentary are getting longer & more frequent,i can understand "SKY" wanting to make millions on there adverts BUT there comes a time when they need to "Open" there eyes...

I used to live in another country & the adverts was horrendous to say the least i could be watching a film & although the film lasted only 1half hours the adverts made it be nearly THREE....!!!
every 15 mins you would get at least 10 to 15 mins adverts in the end you would simply loose intrest in what you was SKY going this way....the future holds the key....

  rodriguez 11:21 06 Mar 2007

Kovus, I think the volume thing with the adverts is just to get your attention. I always change channels or walk off when adverts come on though. As for the films, Sky Movies channels don't have adverts in between and play the film through, but Film4, TCM and the others do. If I can remember right, TCM only has one break but lets hope these don't increase as well. One more thing - since the Sky channels have been removed from Virgin Media, anyone noticed adverts for Sky One cropping up? I saw one on ITV2 the other night. Maybe they'll start advertising Sky News and the others next in the hope of tempting people to change from cable...

  Z1100 12:13 06 Mar 2007

and since I subscribed to that service about a year ago I would think that I have watched about 75% less adverts (and drank less tea...) than I ever did before.

So, what is it to be, everyone on Sky+ not watching adverts and those unlucky ones not on + watching my share of them as well as their own!


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