do-gull 22:33 24 Jan 2007

Why do Sky insist on you having a phoneline connected to your skybox? They have sent me a rather nasty letter saying my phone line is not connected despite me not touching it since it was first installed over a year and a half ago.They say I'm missing out on all the benifits of interactive BUT surely thats down to me.If I want to watch a footie match or sky boxoffice film I can always phone up and book it.

I've told tham that I am not at all bothered about it as I do not use interactive at all,but they say it forms past of my contract.


  rodriguez 23:03 24 Jan 2007

Basically, they like it if your digibox calls back to confirm that it's still in use at your address. If you don't leave your digibox on standby (switch it off at the wall) then it can't make it's weekly (or monthly Ican't remember how often it checks) overnight callback to Sky (this is a free call that just lasts a few seconds). Basically this confirms that you haven't moved to another location while having your digibox registered at your current address. A lot of expats move to Spain or other European countries and take the boxes with them, while leaving it registered to a UK address (usually a relative) so that Sky can still pick up their bill. Receiving UK TV channels abroad via Sky is frowned upon and they try and take measures to stop it.

  rodriguez 23:07 24 Jan 2007

Also if your digibox is still left on standby overnight there could be a problem with the phone connection. Press Services, then System Setup, then System Test to check the phone connection.

  TOPCAT® 23:10 24 Jan 2007

state that a telephone line has to be connected to the digibox at all times. For a single TV set install it used to be mandatory for the first twelve months contract and thereafter it could be disconnected. Not sure if that still applies now as we have two TV sets with two digiboxes and both must have a phone line connected to each.

Never used the interactive buttons yet but still have the line connected as per contract. They scan every subscriber setup each month and send out the 'nasty' letter to those who default on the interactive terms. Had two myself on separate occasions but it turned out the installer hadn't 'registered' the phone line with Sky when he set up the second TV and digibox. Got a bit miffed when I tested out the connections and found them to be working OK. Sky were disinclined to believe me when I spoke with them and that didn't help my blood pressure at all! :o) TC.

  SANTOS7 23:15 24 Jan 2007

Sky give you a free dish and box. This is on the condition that you keep it connected to a phone line for 12 months. if you disconnect it, you are in breach of contract and Sky will charge you the cost of the dish and box.

They can (and do) periodically check to ensure the box is plugged into the phone. They do this by sending a signal via the satellite which prompts the box to dial Sky on a freephone number - sometimes called 'phoning home'. After Sky has sent this signal, if they don't hear back from your box within a set period of time, you may become liable to pay them for the digibox. Seeing as this is in the small print of your contract, you can't argue with them either.

On the other hand, if you have had Sky for more than 12 months you can happily disconnect it from the phone if you like. The only exception here though is if you have more than one Sky box ('Sky Multiroom'). In this case, you have an ongoing discount from Sky, as you don't pay the full subscription for the second box, so they are able to continue to enforce the condition that you keep both boxes plugged

  do-gull 21:56 25 Jan 2007

What do you think they would say if I refused to correct it and told them to remove BOTH digi boxes and terminate my contract and I will just buy a freeview?

Don't think I will cos I love Sky+ just wondering.


  rodriguez 23:52 25 Jan 2007

Sky hate the idea of you leaving them for another service. If you don't think you really will take Sky off, say you're thinking of changing to cable instead. They'll usually offer you something to pursuade you to stay (maybe a month's free subscription or something).

  laurie53 08:43 26 Jan 2007

Just as an aside, I,ve had the snotty letter from Sky twice, even though my phone line was connected.

Turned out it was a fault in their software


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:58 26 Jan 2007

with just leaving it connected? You don't pay for the periodic "phone home" calls.

  pavvi 20:49 26 Jan 2007

The problem with leaving the line connected is that it causes interference on the line. I disconnected mine after 2 weeks, never had a narky letter from them in the 2 years I've been connected

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