Sky Digital on my PC?????

  E7 22:15 30 Aug 2004

Actually I would like Sky on my PC. I've got a new MSI "Mega 180" with the optional PCI TV tuner card, (MS8606). Now this is not near my Sky Digi box, but is in fact at the end of a coaxial cable that was supplying an “upstairs” TV. I’m running the MSI Media Centre Deluxe III software, (which seems to work fine on all aspects except TV), on Windows XP Pro, (SP 2), all the latest drivers, Athlon XP 2100+ with 256Mb DDR. When I run the “AutoScan” in setting up the software, I just get a fuzzy picture for a second as it flicks through the channels where I think it’s trying to pick up “Sky”. Is it Sky’s “Videogaurd” working so I can’t record the programs? Not that I want to, I just want to use one monitor only in the bedroom, (and get rid of my TV). Please help, have I bought a pup? Or can we not watch Sky Digital through a capture card???? I guess I should have asked these questions before forking out 460Euro!!
Thanks in advance,

  ma heeds nippen 15:42 31 Aug 2004

i,ve set my capture card up to watch sky digital on my pc.all i did was connect an arial cable from the back of the sky box (if you check your sky manual it shows where you can connect a second tv)i then connected the other end to my capture card.i use my pc as my video recorder.the only thing is i havn,t worked out a way yet on how to change channels on my pc.i,ve only had the card a week.i can only watch whatever i,ve set the sky box i get a great picture,

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