SKY+ Box & USB

  day2strike 14:30 26 Jul 2008

Just got another Sky+ Box with HDD so we can have multiroom viewing.
The new box comes with a USB port, can i then transfer a recorded program to a usb device & if so how do you do it, is it just plug & play format?

  tullie 14:58 26 Jul 2008

You dident need a sky plus box for multi room,a normal box would have done, assume it would have been cheaper.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 15:31 26 Jul 2008

Last I heard the USB ports were not enabled.

  peter99co 15:52 26 Jul 2008

That would depend on the USB being an output. Is it an input USB for Flash card or other form of input connection?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 16:00 26 Jul 2008

There are talks of being able to attach an external drive to the boxes (indeed they already exist) so it will be able to inout and output

  Tim1964 23:18 26 Jul 2008

The box does not decode the 'raw data' until it's played so if you were to copy it from the HDD via USB (which you can't) it would not play back.

The USB port on some boxes have 5v on them, so can be used to charge an MP3 player, for e.g and some do not.

  day2strike 10:44 27 Jul 2008

Midgetninja: Manual does not explain it, thats why i came here!

tullie: we got a deal on having sky+ with a 80GB HDD included, saved £££.

Cheers everyone else for the input.

  dms_05 10:59 27 Jul 2008

Sky have their own format for recording data onto the hard disk and that is converted into output when it is replayed via the Sky+ box. Whilst you can copy from the Sky+ HDD to another HDD by removing the Sky+ HDD and installing it in a PC, you can't play the images until the new HDD is placed in the original Sky+ box.

I also believe the USB and Ethernet sockets are for 'future' developments.

  day2strike 11:54 27 Jul 2008


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