Skoda's Citigo SE

  exdragon 12:17 21 Aug 2012

Hi - I'm thinking about changing my Ford Ka and have been looking at this Skoda. Does anyone already have this particular version? I've got the brochure, looked at lots of reviews but just wondered if there were any personal comments before I wander off down to the dealer!

  woody 12:29 21 Aug 2012

I see there are a reviews listed when i searched google.If thats any help.

  interzone55 13:18 21 Aug 2012

I've not got experience of the Citigo, but Skodas in general are fantastic cars, and really good value.

I had a Fabia for about 5 years and it was well put together and caused me next to no trouble during my ownership. The only problem I had was the dealerships closing down, so I had to go further & further afield to get the car serviced.

I'm considering the new Rapid when time comes to change my car

  exdragon 14:04 21 Aug 2012

Value certainly seems to be a definite plus point, being mentioned in all the reviews I've read. Most of my driving is around town, with a few long journeys now and again. The Ka has been great, the only problem arose about a week before the three year warranty expired. However, as it's five in November, it's a toss up whether I hang on to it or treat myself....or get a new kitchen...

  Bing.alau 14:09 21 Aug 2012

A couple of months ago I bought the new VW Up White! Mine is the top of the range model with all the trimmings. If you google for the car you can get the details of the various models. You can also google for the forum you will find out how other people think about them. But I give mine top marks so far. I think the basic model comes in at about £8,000 whilst I have bought the top model at about £11,000.

I imagine there are forums for most makes of car these days, so try for the Citigo and other makes and models on them.

  exdragon 14:14 21 Aug 2012

Bing.alau - I remember you saying when you got your VW. It's a good idea to find a forum, never thought of that, though I've looked at the reviews. I can't go for the top of the range, though, I've earmarked any spare cash for another trip to New Zealand.

  interzone55 14:31 21 Aug 2012

There's a school of thought that says it's a bad idea to get the top spec of a small car, as for the same money you could probably get very similar spec in the next model up.

Here's a popular Citigo forum

  Bing.alau 15:19 21 Aug 2012

exdragon. Forget the new kitchen and go to New Zealand. I bet there's not much wrong with the old kitchen anyway. But you women just have a bee in your bonnets about having an even better and newer one. You can probably leave the new car until you get back as well. In order of priority the new kitchen should come last.

  Woolwell 15:23 21 Aug 2012

Honest John Review - I generally like these reviews. I see that is basically the same as the VW Up.

  exdragon 15:26 21 Aug 2012

Bing.alau - if you knew me, you'd probably realise I'm more likely to spend more time in the car! When I ask my other half if I need a new gadget for the kitchen, he usually says, 'A compass!'

New Zealand wouldn't be til 2014, for my 70th birthday, and a new car would be fun. Off to look next week. And a month in Ireland is coming up in the next few weeks, retirement's great, isn't it?

alan14 - thanks for that link.

  Bing.alau 15:35 21 Aug 2012

Reading that review it looks more or less the same as the VW Up! It is also cheaper but not by a lot. Reading the VW Up! Forum, it seems they can't build them fast enough as there is a waiting time for delivery of a couple of months at least.

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