Size Matters..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 26 Aug 2006

How are people getting on with the new post office regulation on size of envelopes to cost?

Is my subscription to PCA mag going to increase as the cost of posting it to me must be more since the change on August 21st?

And finally is it my imagination or has the size of the stamps decreased?

  ade.h 17:07 26 Aug 2006

Despite the red-tops predicting the end of civilisation as we know, it I'm sure most of us will cope.

Reading through the leaflet, it turns out to be quite straightforward. Many people will benefit in cost terms if they only send standard-sized letters.

  wiz-king 17:40 26 Aug 2006

It has increased our postage cost enormously! Most of the goods that my company send out are fragile and require packing carefully with at least one layer of bubble wrap. This makes the too thick to go through the large letter slot and turns them into a packet and that costs more.

  oresome 18:08 26 Aug 2006

Presumably with privatisation, we'll eventually get several postal companies all vying for our business.

They'll all have different methods of charging on weight and size and speed of delivery and location.

Then things will be really complicated and we'll need a web comparison site to refer to before we ever go near a post box.

Christmas will never be the same again.

  spuds 18:51 26 Aug 2006

I notice some of the post offices have plastic modules displays near to the counter, for checking package sizes. Seems a good idea. Regarding pre-issued information of the new rates, again this seemed very straight forward and easily understood.As wiz-king seems to suggest, the bubble wrap brigade, will incur further charges, but I suppose we could try to claim compensation for damaged deliveries!.

The thing that annoys me the most with Royal Mail is their administrative charges. Recently we had a couple of letters containing small items, and according to Royal Mail they were a discrepancy of 2pence in postage charge. Result, 2pence plus £1.00 admin charge per letter, plus collection from Royal Main sorting office.Not very nice or helpful.

  CurlyWhirly 18:59 26 Aug 2006

"Is my subscription to PCA mag going to increase as the cost of posting it to me must be more since the change on August 21st?"

Very good point as I am also a PCA subscriber.
I wonder whether it will cost PCA more to post them now and if so will they put up the price?

If the price rise is only small, I will continue to subscribe but if it goes up by a large amount then I may go back to getting it from the newsagent again!

p.s. I'm *not* saying that the subscription will go up but *may* do.

  johndere 08:33 29 Aug 2006

Things had to change & more changes will be on the way soon in the next 18 months. Other companies offer a postal service, sometimes more reliable than the Post Office.

  SG Atlantis® 09:49 29 Aug 2006

As far as I know we still have one of the cheapest and best postal services in the world.

  anskyber 09:59 29 Aug 2006

We may never know. Over time the various mags I have subscribed to usually disguise increases with explanations like "we are using better quality paper" (honest, it reverted to poorer quality paper 6 months later) "Packed with more exciting articles and information" (more unexciting adverts) "The cost of paper pulp/china clay has rocketted on the market" etc etc.

Happily our PCA squad are much more mature.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 29 Aug 2006

The cost of paper pulp/china clay has rocketted on the market" etc etc.

Interesting one this as the china cay works in Cornwall have virtually closed just recently.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 29 Aug 2006

Back from your Hols already? Or couldn't you stay away from the forum?

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