Size of Magazine

  Zero G 21:41 02 Feb 2007

Last year a couple of pc mags offered their magazines in a smaller format than normal. The size was about 3/4 the size of A4. But with all the same info on & with cover disc.

It was easier to get in to a bag or rucsac, but only seemed to appear once. Anyone from PCA thought of running the mag at this size?

  Forum Editor 23:08 02 Feb 2007

But I know a man who does, and I've alerted him to your enquiry.

  amonra 15:12 03 Feb 2007

Was the price correspondingly smaller ?
I doubt it.

  Forum Editor 15:35 03 Feb 2007

There's no reason why it should have been, is there?

  Zero G 15:45 03 Feb 2007

same price, same features:)

  anchor 16:01 03 Feb 2007

Personally I would not want, or buy, a smaller size magazine, which will probably mean smaller print.

Blame it on my ageing eyesight.

  interzone55 18:13 03 Feb 2007

When I worked for a high st catalogue retailler we trialed the mail order catalogue in a smaller size. Unsurprisingly these were very popular as they were around a third of the weight of the normal catalogue.

Most people were quite surprised that the text was still readable, due to improvements in printing technology. Even so, we bundled a magnifying sheet with the catalogues.

  Bob The Nob© 10:44 04 Feb 2007

And... I found some old issues and they have more pages then the ones printed today, any thoughts, is it less advertising or less info?

  anskyber 10:58 04 Feb 2007

I think it's fine as it is.

  johndrew 13:17 04 Feb 2007

My guess would be that if the outline size reduced the thickness would increase unless, as anchor said, the print was smaller. Given that the whole process would need revamping for a different page size, an additional cost would be incurred which would be passed on to the consumer at some point.

Old adage, `if it aint broke, don`t fix it`.

  Belatucadrus 13:22 04 Feb 2007

I haven't read the Times since they went tabloid, anybody shrink PCA and my subscription may well lapse.

Bob The Nob© I think if memory serves it was mainly advertising, though I chucked out my ancient copies a year or so ago and can't check. Time certainly used to put in some pretty extensive multi page adds.

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