Sisters are doing it for themselves

  Colin 13:21 07 Apr 2009

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I appreciate that it's only one example, but in my experience I’ve found it to be true, i.e. women at work are meaner to each other than they are to men. Also, I wonder how the employer got round the issue of only employing women. I understand her intention, but if it was the other way round there would have been a big fuss. I think the moral of the story is that a good mix of people, male and female, creates a better working environment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 07 Apr 2009

All "experienced" men know not to pick a fight with a woman as you are bound to lose.

  Mike D 16:16 07 Apr 2009

I know that what I am about to say is not pc, but it always worked for me. When I was managing sales teams I tried to have no all female teams because any arguments or grudges would be carried on for months (in some cases), but put just one male in the team and he became the rubbing rag and most team tensions disappeared very quickly. Arguments would flare and die away quickly.

  perpetual motion 16:29 07 Apr 2009

Thing is was she picking something up there OR posing for the camera.???

  robgf 19:07 07 Apr 2009

"Thing is was she picking something up there OR posing for the camera.???"

Whatever she is doing, she has forgot her vest, lol.

More seriously, I have found the exact same thing with women over the years. If allowed, they squabble continuously over the pecking order and will all gang up on some poor soul.

Men are much quicker to sort out status, with just the occasional brief, oh yeah -- yeah, shove, type contest. Mind you, if you dont mix them with women, you have to keep tight control, to stop them messing about like kids.

I always try to mix the sexes on the production lines, you get better performance.

  Armchair 22:44 07 Apr 2009

One thing I've noticed over the years while working on the shop floor in the manufacturing industry........

All production operatives have the same contract. They're all suppsoed to be physically capable of doing any job on the shop floor, provided proper training has been carried out. A healthy average man can acrry out any task. A healthy average woman cannot carry out any tasks that require relatively heavy lifting. They always ask a bloke to do it, even if it takes them away from the job they're on with.

Equality? NON!

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