Sir Philip Green's damning pre-report interview

  TopCat® 19:16 11 Oct 2010

It's not often I'm shocked but what he had to say on government waste was downright disgraceful. It will take a very strong and determined hand to control this excessiveness because it is so firmly entrenched. TC.

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  spuds 19:27 11 Oct 2010

The report makes first class reading, but I suspect it is only what people have been saying for ages, but have been ignored?.

  ams4127 19:44 11 Oct 2010

I am not surprised.

Back in the early '80s I was working on the Tornado aircraft and running the Liquid Oxygen (LOX) bay at a certain RAF Station. The Lox tank fitted to Tornado was basically the same as that on the Phantom except that the gauging unit was on the pack instead of on the aircraft. They were both made in Lower Burbank, California.

Cost of Phantom pack was £3000. Cost of Tornado tank was £32,000.

Buying a ball of string from Woolies cost you about £1. Demand the same item using a Nato Code number £13.

Other ex-forces personnel will confirm that the quickest way to become a millionaire is to manufacture a single bolt which the RAF need, then book your retirement villa in Spain. Supplying the Forces is basically a licence to print money.

And it is still going on today. If you demand a packet of 100 x 2.1mm split pins, you will get 100 split pins........each one indivually packaged.

  morddwyd 19:50 11 Oct 2010

Concur everything ams4127 said, not just from a consumer's point of view, but also from procurement, which I was in for some time.

I have posted elsewhere about this.

  dwaynedibbly 21:13 11 Oct 2010

I work for a small(ish) ruralshire police force.
The amount of wasted money in procurement is horrendous.

Our bosses wanted new scanners fitted to office desktops to scan in fingerprints, which we could then send direct to our fingerprint bureau.

So about 36months ago they bought bog standard canon scanners for about 200pound each. The same scanner could have been bought off internet for half that price.
They were purchased but never used as the force invested in a far better but more expensive system. which works great but could have still bought the kit at a fraction of the final price.

The problem is that all large public organisations are tied into expensive single supplier contracts.

Another example for you. I created, at the request of my line manager, a training manual for a piece of kit we use at work.
I created the easy to use (its for Police officers) manual and wanted to send it via email to all concerned. The best way to do this was to convert it to a PDF and email it. However my office pc doesn`t have Adobe Writer. Our dept could purchase it from OUR OWN I.T dept for just over 200 pounds.
So I copy the file to a usb stick and bring it home, then use openoffice to convert it to a PDF.
Take it back to work and email it to all concerned. All totally against Force Policy for use of usb etc etc.
The world is going crazy.
Good luck to Phillip Green. If he achieves half of what he has been tasked with, we will all be better off.

  spuds 22:32 11 Oct 2010

Perhaps going a little further about waste and procurement.

Our local constabulary made it known that they wanted sponsors for a number of bicycles, so that officers could use them in conjunction with their work. A number of people and companies came forward with various offers, that resulted in obtaining 20 cycles with accessories. After a couple of months 15 of the cycles were put into storage, because police officer's raised a number of objections. Apparently these cycles 'were for the purpose' (who decided that?) costing over £200 each. The five still in use are now used by PCSO's.

  Dragon_Heart 01:14 12 Oct 2010

That was shown on the TV tonight as one example, but is it like for like. The £2000 model may come with a fully range of software and IT cover for it's life, but I doubt it :-(

  johndrew 10:20 12 Oct 2010

When the various prices for the same item were given during a TV report, I (jaundice view) immediately wondered which companies the Ministers responsible had shares in!!!!!

  spuds 13:06 12 Oct 2010

I wonder what the difference is between Dell's used by the NHS etc and the citizens of this world?.

  wiz-king 13:44 12 Oct 2010

Perhaps they don't have all the freebie and trial programs on them!

  flycatcher1 19:10 12 Oct 2010

Having served in the Forces for nearly forty years I am well aware of the waste and un-necessary expense that occurs all the time.
Economy never seems to have priority.

Now, about the BBC....................!

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