Sir James Crosby resigns from FSA

  Geronimo. 12:51 11 Feb 2009

He just HAD too go!

click here

  rawprawn 12:53 11 Feb 2009

I am pleased that at least one miscreant has fallen on his sword.

  IClaudio 15:21 11 Feb 2009

.. really hadn't spotted that <eyes raise>

  oresome 15:52 11 Feb 2009

Re: the KPMG investigation,

"Sources at KPMG said that it was well able to manage the potential conflict of interest....
The investigation is understood to have been conducted by its forensic team, which is separate from its audit partners."

Accepting that there was no undue influence brought to bear, one has to question the findings of the forensic team, seeing as how the bank was subsequently brought to it's knees by it's excessive exposure to risk.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:58 11 Feb 2009

he recieved his knighthood for 'services to the financial industry' (the only reason I have been able to find out) will he be asked to return the knighthood given what he has actually done to the financial industry?

I think the chances of that happening are pretty slim.


  €dstowe 16:01 11 Feb 2009

How long before he is given some other multi-zillion £ a year job cocking up something else?

  €dstowe 16:04 11 Feb 2009

A couple of these bankers live near me. From my previous knowledge of them, the letter "b" as the first letter their job title is not quite the right one.

  Geronimo. 17:26 11 Feb 2009

I had to laugh when i saw this:click here

ITs the RED Graph half way down the page..Like they are predicting the UK will start a recession recovery AKA "Green Roots" we are hearing from within a year.....RUBBISH!!

  anskyber 17:37 11 Feb 2009

What I find interesting about the whole wider problem is the so called masters of the universe who represent some of the best brains in the world in this area became so jointly culpable.

In their own way they became part of their own gang or tribe culture. Just as group culture is found in gangs, societies, football fans of a certain type and so on the whole justification for the collective blindness was based upon the idea their own peers did it to.

A frightening example of group culture.

  oresome 20:40 11 Feb 2009

Sir James Crosby resigns from FSA.................and just before Prime Ministers Questions. It saved some embarrasment for the PM. Coincidence?

  Grey Goo 21:21 11 Feb 2009

These Bozos just surround themselves with "Yes Men", with a bit of minor tweaking the company runs itself during the good times. This produces a very familiar symptom called cranial -anusolitis resulting in Rhinomyopia with associated megalomania.

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