Sir Bobby Robson

  Jim Thing 13:12 31 Jul 2009

The BBC's lunchtime news has just reported that Sir Bobby Robson died today from lung cancer at the age of 76. A giant among football managers and one of the nicest men you could ever wish to meet.

  sunnystaines 15:07 31 Jul 2009

sky news spent the first 15 mins at 1pm today covering it, which I thought was a bit OTT, fair enough should be on the news but to take up the whole news.

  Stuartli 15:51 31 Jul 2009

A very special man, held in the highest esteem by those involved in football all over the world and by those in many other sports.

He beat cancer four times but, sadly, lost the last battle.

Rest in peace, Sir Bobby.

  user8 16:47 31 Jul 2009

Very sad news.
A real star as England Manager.
Respected by all those in Football.

  norman47 18:10 31 Jul 2009

and there are not to many of them.

RIP wor Bobby.

  bluto1 18:57 31 Jul 2009

A great loss, to his family,to football and the charities he supported.

  Quickbeam 19:24 31 Jul 2009

And probably the most popular modern England manager both by players and supporters. I can't remember reading of any dissension during his reign.

  Jim Thing 20:35 31 Jul 2009

Some years ago I was living in Eindhoven, where I used to drive into the city centre every Sunday morning to buy my Sunday Times at the railway station. One Sunday I found the recently-appointed PSV Eindhoven manager Bobby Robson outside the station bookstall, looking lost and a little concerned, so I introduced myself and asked whether I could help him. It turned out that Mrs. R. was suffering from a streaming cold and he had just discovered that his chances of buying Lemsip, Paracetamol (or virtually anything else in Eindhoven on a Sunday morning) were nil.

To cut a long story short: I drove him to my house, where my wife fixed him up with Lemsip, Paracetamol and teabags (the Robsons had run out); I then drove him back to the station, where we had left his car, and that was that.

Some years later, my youngest son was serving with the Royal Engineers in Bosnia when they were visited by the Newcastle United team accompanied by Bobby Robson, who was Newcastle's manager at the time. My son got into conversation with Mr. R, and was astonished and impressed to find that he remembered the Lemsip incident in great detail and asked to be remembered to my wife and myself.

For Bobby Robson — but certainly not for my wife and I! — the whole thing would have been a trivial encounter in an extremely busy and very public life. As I wrote in my original post, he was one of the nicest men you could ever wish to meet, and for me, the very fact that he remembered us was typical of the man.

  al's left peg 21:51 31 Jul 2009


I am not disagreeing with your comments but, the coverage of Sir Bobby passing away pales into insignificance when you compare it to Jade Goody.

I remember clearly the day he was sacked by Freddy Shepherd, it broke Sir Bobby's heart especially after finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th in the premier league. Look at Newcastle United now, it's sad that his club is in such a mess at a time when he has lost his battle against cancer.

I think he will be greatly missed.

  Forum Editor 23:38 31 Jul 2009

who are known about and liked outside their chosen sphere. Bobby Robson was popular with people who weren't particularly football fans, people who might only watch a football match when their national team is playing.

In public he was unfailingly polite, pleasant, and would go out of his way to see fair play being done. I'm sure he was the same in his private life. He was a credit to the sport that he loved so much.

  Stuartli 00:06 01 Aug 2009

A classic example of the strange worshiping of virtual unknowns/Z class celebrities by a large section of the GBP.

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