peter99co 09:27 20 May 2008

I hope you read this and take it seriously

click here

I could not believe this at first but it must be true!

The piece about Camden is shocking.

  newman35 11:39 20 May 2008

"I hope you read this and take it seriously"

Sorry, a) I have a normal brain and it refuses to acknowledge anything Littlejohn says (except the one in Robin Hood, of course).
b) It's in the 'Mail' !
Nuff said.

  Quickbeam 11:43 20 May 2008

I didn't think we'd get past 12 noon without the first sideswipe from a newspaper snob.

  newman35 13:14 20 May 2008

Just hate being TOLD to take something seriously.
Would much prefer prefer to decide for myself.

Surely the Daily Mail IS the snobs paper (don't they just go to town on any benefit claimants they can, for example?).

  Quickbeam 13:34 20 May 2008

"knows how to present the incomplete truth"
"Would much prefer prefer to decide for myself"

ALL papers are the same, they present whatever their paymasters want you to read into something.

Better to read between the lines of all papers than slam one paper or another because of the slant... or believing your own choice of paper is beyond printing untruths.

  peter99co 15:00 20 May 2008

I'll bet there is a lot of truth in what he said
and until it's proved different I will take it seriously.

Do the people in Camden sort their rubbish or not? If they do and are not aware don't you think they should be told where the rubbish goes?

Is Gordi telling the truth or is he getting away with misleading the electors again. True or False?

  crosstrainer 15:06 20 May 2008

A 75 year old woman living on the basic state pension, was recently fined £100.00 by the "dustbin nazis"

This was in Cardiff. Her crime? She couldn't get the help she normally had to put the bin out on the correct day, missed one collection, and was fined for having a bin that was too full.

  peter99co 15:15 20 May 2008

In signing the European Constitution without a referendum, Gordon Brown consigned to the landfill site the last vestiges of our ability to govern ourself.

We no longer even have any say over how often our dustbins are emptied.

True or False?

  peter99co 15:20 20 May 2008

They should be ashamed to take the money! Who speaks up for her?

  anskyber 15:25 20 May 2008

No wonder the Mail cannot be taken seriously.

The quality of the reporting is poor and it leads to people, including some here it seems, just swallowing whole every bit of partiality as if it was unquestionable.

peter99co, if you need to have your last question answered and remark "and until it's proved different I will take it seriously" then I fear for the future. Why on earth should such garbled reporting which be allowed to influence people who have not the slightest interest in questioning the efficacy of the "facts" is quite beyond me.

Canon fodder for the elections that is for sure.

  peter99co 15:47 20 May 2008

Gordon Brown announced that the hated plans for pay-as-you-throw rubbish taxes would be scrapped.

True or False?

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