A single charger for all mobile phones?

  Forum Editor 08:05 15 Mar 2014

The European Parliament is going to vote on whether legislation should be introduced that would make it a requirement for all phone manufacturers to design their products to use a universal charger.

I imagine there would be a huge sigh of relief from tens of millions of people if it happens.

  fourm member 08:47 15 Mar 2014

We shouldn't underestimate the forces that will be at work right to the end trying to prevent this happening.

What seems like a simple matter to most will be being spun as a threat to economies. Manufacturers will be arguing that standardisation makes it easier for unsafe chargers to enter the market and put consumers in danger. They'll be scare stories about children getting burned and other attempts to protect self-interests.

I've spent more time that I would have liked in meetings where people have made spurious technical claims to try and limit competition.

  morddwyd 09:12 15 Mar 2014

Latest reports suggest that Apple have not yet signed up.

Until they do it's pie in the sky.

  spuds 10:53 15 Mar 2014

"Manufacturers will be arguing that standardisation makes it easier for unsafe chargers to enter the market and put consumers in danger"

Rather late for that, considering that the market is already awash with 'fake' chargers that can be obtained for far less a price than any original!.

  martd7 12:06 15 Mar 2014

Nokia have moved from their "small pin" charger to a standard usb charger over the last few years used by all Android based phones,my daughters htc works in my nokia 925 and vice versa so does my sons samsung s3

  fourm member 12:08 15 Mar 2014


The reason you know that is because the primary equipment manufacturers have PR departments working to make people scared of buying anything that doesn't bear their name. That's why they'll fight this measure for as long as possible.

A 'one size fits all' charger makes it difficult to use scare tactics.*

*I'm not saying there aren't dangerous chargers on the market but there is not the epidemic of explosions that people are told is going on.

  bumpkin 13:04 15 Mar 2014

Wouldn't an adapter be easier and cheaper, I have one with USB input to 10 different connectors fits just about anything that I have encountered and cost a fiver.

  Forum Editor 13:11 15 Mar 2014

"Wouldn't an adapter be easier and cheaper"

I don't see how, but anyway that's not the point.

If all phones used the same charger connection it would remove the need for adapters and save a good deal of faffing around.

  bumpkin 13:37 15 Mar 2014

i don't see that plugging an adapter in is a good deal of faffing around but I take your point, it would be better to standardize the connector.

  Pine Man 15:33 15 Mar 2014

This presumably means that all phones will have the same capacity batteries?

It is not just the connector that is important it is also the output of the charger.

  wee eddie 15:39 15 Mar 2014

Pine Man: The capacity of the battery is irrelevant, what I think you meant is Voltage.

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