a simple puzzle ;elusive answer

  p;3 01:13 21 Mar 2007

a 'helping hand ' appreciated for this

assuming I have worked out the first bit correctly

I have 4067 miles and 472.68 litres but need to know MPG and not MPL ;

39.1 MPG

  WhiteTruckMan 01:25 21 Mar 2007

39.15 mpg


  g0slp 07:06 21 Mar 2007

I got 39.06mpg, using 4.54 litres/gallon, which is the 'rough & ready' figure I've used ever since we started buying fuel in these foreign units <grin>

  Friday's Child 07:20 21 Mar 2007

It depends on how accurate you want to be.

most of us (including me) use 4.54 litres to the gallon like g0slp but I believe that the correct figure is supposed to be 4.54609.

Which ever figure you want to use, divide the miles by the litres and then multiply by the conversion figure.

  chocolate cake 14:20 21 Mar 2007

I make it 39.1151477320809 miles per gallon. You could round it to 2 decimal places and call it 39.12.

  Greengage 15:22 24 Mar 2007

I do my "mental" arithmetic at each fill-up basing my calculations on one litre = 1¾ pints. Therefore, 32 litres = 32+16+8 pints = 56 pints = 7 gallons. Mileage 280 = 40mpg. You normally have to do some rounding up or down to make the calculation simple "on the spot".

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