Silverjet goes BANKRUPT

  charmingman 12:24 30 May 2008

It is a real shame these have gone under as they clearly wanted to help the pollution by been very eco friendly (see the link) This is another blow due to the High fuel rises

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  Legolas 12:28 30 May 2008

I work for a recruitment company and 15 of my collegues and myself were told at a meeting this morning that we are surplus to requirements so we have 30 days and then "good bye" Black Friday

  charmingman 13:03 30 May 2008


A nice way to end the week eh..omg do you know why this is so..?

i wish you luck on your quest for another job....its not just the housing market thats struggling its also the job front as well...

Sorry to hear about that my friend!!!

  paul€ 13:14 30 May 2008

"as they clearly wanted to help the pollution by been very eco friendly"

Well they have succeeded. They have grounded 3 aircraft. Sorry but I think there are to many aircraft flying and there should be a limit on the number of flights anyone can take.


Sorry to hear the bad news you and your colleges have received.

  K_elt 13:46 30 May 2008

Sorry to hear that, good luck in getting another position soon.

  €dstowe 13:55 30 May 2008

That's hard, Legolas but 30 days, eh?

A friend of mine worked for Vodaphone some years ago and the whole of the staff of the unit was given ten minutes to clear their desks and leave the building.

  crosstrainer 14:38 30 May 2008

Bad news, sorry to hear of your job loss, and I hope you find something very soon.

  Legolas 17:13 30 May 2008

Thanks for all the good wishes. Although a bit shell shocked not altogether surprised, the company I work for are American and the credit crunch is beginning to bite. Just a pity my colleagues and I were bitten.

  anchor 08:11 31 May 2008


I join with the others in sending my best wishes. I know times are difficult, but hope that you find something very soon.

  lofty29 09:50 31 May 2008

Legolas, hope you find something soon, been down that road three time myself, first time had 9 months warning, second time 10mins, plus 3week pay, third time 1week. that was the last time I worked. I was 60 and had to take early retirement. Having worked continuousle since the age of fifteen it was ahell of a shock to the system to find you are not wanted anymore, this is just the start of another recessive cycle I feel. And I think that the boom in air travel is over for some time, and there is going to be a considerable shrinkage until alternative fuels can be found.

  anchor 13:33 01 Jun 2008

I read that Silverjet was an all-business class airline; perhaps that was part of their problem.

Airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir, (who operate no-frills cheaper flights), seem to be coping somehow with the high fuel cost.

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