Silver Surfers Ahoy!

  jack 08:39 12 Jun 2008

A recent thread - 'How to Open a Case'
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Resolved the issue, but then started getting a little bit personal and went on to discuss relative experience/age of the posters.
Which leads me to wonder in what is oft considered to be a youngsters domain how many in this community would be considered to be a Silver Surfer and years of taking the beasties to bits?
I'll start the ball rolling -75/25

  crosstrainer 08:42 12 Jun 2008

IMO age is pretty irrelevant here....None of us knows how old posters are unless they choose to disclose their age!

Since I have already done so in the aforementioned thread, I guess it makes little difference how old we all are!

  Forum Editor 08:58 12 Jun 2008

to allow people the privacy of not disclosing their age or experience, unless of course they chooseto do so in the normal course of events.

As crosstrainer says, age is really irrelevant when it comes to computer forums - some of the best technical people I've worked with have been in their twenties, and some have been well over sixty - there are really no age barriers when it comes to computers, other than self-imposed ones.

  sunny staines 09:03 12 Jun 2008

youngsters of today learn it all at school these days where us older ones pick it up via mags and good forums like this one.

  crosstrainer 09:08 12 Jun 2008

Or by constant tinkering :))

  jack 09:16 12 Jun 2008

Some of each more like eh!

  peter99co 09:48 12 Jun 2008

You are as young as you feel! 70/30

  natdoor 09:56 12 Jun 2008

As originator of the referenced thread, I would like to say that I took the remarks by ambra4 and crosstrainer about my potential competence as a repair technician as humorous teasing. I tried to reply in kind with mock indignation. I have also explained that my reference to old=timers related to experience with PCs, since the Dell dates from 1999.

If I have offended anyone, I apologise.

  Earthsea 10:12 12 Jun 2008

It's worth noting that home computers have only been available to the general public since around 1980, when the ZX80 came out. That was only 25 years ago, so it would be wrong to associate age with experience for most people. As said, age is largely irrelevant.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 12 Jun 2008

I don't think you have offended anyone, I rather thought it may well have been the other way round glad you thought the "ribbing" was humerous :0)

Age is irrelevant, its qualifications that cause the problems.
In my experience, the more qualifications a person has it seems harder for them to do the simple tasks.


  johndrew 10:27 12 Jun 2008

`.. youngsters of today learn it all at school ..`

Or don`t as the case may be. But Silver Surfers have time, experience of life and patience in their favour.

Who was it said `youth is wasted on the young` ;-)

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