Silver Fish

  rawprawn 17:46 20 Sep 2010

Anyone know anything about these creatures? I have looked on the internet etc, and have used recomended sprays.
We only get odd ones, but in different places. We are not over run with them, but odd ones keep turning up in different places. Tonight in the middle of the lounge carpet. They have appeared in the kithchen, hallway and Lounge.
At a loss.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:04 20 Sep 2010

apparently, and require a relatively high humidity. Suggest as a start you look for dampness (carpet underlay, and sometimes people put newspapers down before laying carpet, which is an all you can eat buffet for these creatures)

Think about a dehumidifier.


  rawprawn 18:14 20 Sep 2010

Thanks for the reply, we had a new carpet and underlay throughout our downstairs area about 6 months ago. We have no damp at all & our house has a good damp course, the floor boards are about 2 Ft above ground level. Underneath is quite dry.
I am at a loss, they are so few it hardly matters, but it's annoying.

  wiz-king 18:15 20 Sep 2010

From what I have read about their lifestyle click here you will need to repeat treatment every two weeks for several months with a long lasting insecticide.
click here looks a good bet.

  Forum Editor 18:52 20 Sep 2010

For every one that you see there are 20 others in hiding. The answer is to get rid of them by removing the sources of food, water, and humidity, as the others have said.

  rawprawn 19:09 20 Sep 2010

Thanks for the link I will give it a try. I have already used one aerosol, but it just says spray round te edges of skirting boards. Perhaps if I use this on the whole of the carpet we might win.

  rawprawn 19:12 20 Sep 2010

Unfortunately I cannot find any obvious sources of food, water, and humidity. The whole place seems spotless and dry.
When we put down the new carpet, my wife thoroughly cleaned the floor before the fitters arrived.

  birdface 20:04 20 Sep 2010

Any sign of dampness in any of your walls especially near the skirting boards it only takes a very small gap for them to get through.
I suppose if you keep the hoover handy they will start disappearing one by one.
You get silver fish and I get flies anybody else have any other little Blighters running about.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:19 20 Sep 2010

"...anybody else have any other little Blighters running about"

Yes, but they are off to university next month!


  morddwyd 20:20 20 Sep 2010

"Unfortunately I cannot find any obvious sources of food, water, and humidity"

Books; in my experience they are greatly attracted to books, particularly old ones.

A book can hold a tremendous amount of moisture without appearing to be damp.

  Legolas 20:27 20 Sep 2010

we get slaters

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