Silly Boy

  Noldi 21:50 11 Apr 2011

Had a bit of a surprise yesterday, Police at the door asking for my 21 year old Son, He was told he was under arrest and cautioned, his room searched and taken off to the local police station with his computer. After 3 hours he returned home to many questions from me, it turned out his crime was to e-mail his private contacts from his work computer to home. All charges dropped unless new evidence is forth coming from his employer. It seems somebody heard him talking about his plans for the future and set up his own company not connected to his employer industry.

OK he now knows he has been a bit of a silly boy but 2 Police officers taking 3 hours and they didn’t even look in his computer.

I would have thought a stern talking to in the boss’s office would have been more than appropriate now they have lost one of their top employees before they needed too, today he resigned and starts with a rival company in the morning.

So beware what you do at work. Noldi

  DippyGirl 22:09 11 Apr 2011

Contacts ....

Who's property ?... but have to ask why do it - less obvious ways of acquiring the info. But bottom line - "why?" ...oe was he using his business e-mail for personal use?

Lets hope his new business is "not connected to his employer industry"

  Seth Haniel 14:34 12 Apr 2011

working for the same firm for last 25 years - all my contacts, phone numbers are firmly located in my head - so will they have to brainwash me when I leave :)

  wee eddie 15:37 12 Apr 2011

As it would appear that he had already decided to depart and was in the process of taking sensitive information with him, I think that he has got off lightly.

  Monoux 15:57 12 Apr 2011

"pour encourager les autres " = to encourage the others

Why would they want to encourage others -- quite the reverse I would have thought

  bremner 16:58 12 Apr 2011

Intellectual Property theft is a very big problem for companies, so it is understandable for the company to report this to the police. Intellectual Property Alliance

  Monoux 17:14 12 Apr 2011

fourm member -- perhaps you should have put in the whole quote rather than an extract which meant the opposite of what you intended to say.

Also if you wish to post to an English speaking forum you should use English rather than try to show off and get it wrong. The use of French ( especially if only partly quoted ) confuses those that are not familiar with that language.

  wee eddie 17:29 12 Apr 2011

Monoux ~ I have to say that I understood him completely.

The Quote is in fairly common usage and not really exotic at all, albeit in French. Wikipedia and Google will give you all the details, should you be unfamiliar with it.

  Noldi 20:26 12 Apr 2011

He was not on his way if he was the he would have gone straight into his own thing; the plan is earliest start June 2012. He resigned after learning that he was no longer the manager of his team and the company had sent an e-mail to all suppliers warning them not to deal with my Son if he joined another company saying he was guilty of gross misconduct. He just made a small mistake and from what I understand my Son replaced the Bosses Son 2 years ago and are not the best friends, he obviously tried to make something of it but all they could find wrong on his works computer was this one e-mail. After that they accused him of stealing stock, of which no evidence was found at present we plan to take this further because of e-mails they sent.

I Just find it strange that the Boss had thought a lot of my Son, He represented the company recently at the Las Vegas and Hannover shows and has had 2 nice skiing holidays this winter paid for by the company as recognition of his performance over the last year, Today the Bosses Son was given the vacant job and 3 more people resigned because of the way this was handled and before you say it NO they are not joining my Son.


  morddwyd 20:32 12 Apr 2011

wee eddie

Me too.

It's fairly common everyday usage.

  Kevscar1 07:20 14 Apr 2011

I Just find it strange that the Boss had thought a lot of my Son

and then the boss found out your son had betrayed that trust. Hardly surprising he got angry

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