Silliest thing youv'e been asked?

  mrwoowoo 02:22 24 May 2008

Reading some of the latest posts to "Turn the mirrors round to face the wall" reminded me of what someone once asked me.
A member of my family once asked me,"is the moon the sun at night?"
No,it wasn't said tongue in cheek either.And it was an adult.
So whats the silliest thing youv'e been told or asked.
Can it be any stupider than mine?

  jakimo 02:29 24 May 2008

Your Question

  mrwoowoo 02:32 24 May 2008

Ouch (O:!

  Acx 02:42 24 May 2008

I work in a bookmakers and Grand National day is still by far the best day for for silly questions.

The sillest question I have ever been asked on that day was:-

A Lady customer
What time does the National start?

About 3:45

And what time does it finish?

  Acx 03:01 24 May 2008

You weren't asked it, you read it.

Do we seem to have a lot of Newby idiots around at the moment, or is it me?

  mrwoowoo 03:36 24 May 2008

No,but it sounds like mr grumpy needs his bed.
I remember doing a sweepstake for the Bruno v tyson fight at work many years ago.
I told one work mate that the winner gets £26.
He replied,"whats second prize?".

  mrwoowoo 03:44 24 May 2008

Sorry acx
Last comment was meant for you(Mr grumpy being jakimo)

  crosstrainer 08:30 24 May 2008

Due to recent illmess, I was visiting the hospital daily.

On my last visit, a nurse (bear in mind I was sitting in a wheelchair, holding cotton wool against my arm due to bloods being taken, and my left leg up on a stool) Asked me if I was a patient!

I said, "No, I just get into a wheelchair and come to watch"

She vanished, and did not appear again prior to my departure....All others on the ward cracked up laughing.

  jack 08:34 24 May 2008

just try to be kind and patient.........
It was you ------ last week '-}

  Mike D 08:49 24 May 2008

On holiday in Florida I was asked if the shining thing in the night time sky was the moon, I replied that I didn't know because I did not live in Florida normally.

I once asked the price of an item in Poundland!

  John B 09:21 24 May 2008

I was asked "what ingredients do you need to make ice?"

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