Silica Gel

  Graham. 12:54 07 Nov 2006

Clearing away the packaging for my new telephone, I can't find the Silica Gel bag. I think I might have eaten it. Should I go for a pint?

  Apron 13:44 07 Nov 2006

ideal opportunity to dry out I should have thought.

  Confab 14:23 07 Nov 2006

Silica Gel isn’t poisonous. The reason it carries a warning is because it can expand in a Childs throat and cause choking. As long as you’re sure the bag isn’t in your throat then I’d say that it's perfectly safe to have a pint or two! Out of curiosity do you have a habit of eating packaging? I would be more concerned about this than the missing bagto be honest. You’re either very stupid or a very intelligent dog!

Disclaimer – If in any doubt seek medical assistance ;-)


  Pidder 18:24 07 Nov 2006

Couple of weeks ago I had a pack of antibiotics, the tablets in a blister pack but also containing a small oblong packet of what I took to be dessicant of some sort. Just binned this, presume it wasn't part of the treatment...

  PurplePenny 20:40 07 Nov 2006

If you really have eaten it you'll probaly need several pints!

A manufacturer of those liitle silica packs said (on Working Lunch IIRC) that they aren't dangerous at all ... but that eating one will make you very, very thirsty for a couple of days.

  Graham. 20:49 07 Nov 2006

Best newts I've had. I've shtarted.

  lisa02 20:51 07 Nov 2006

We can tell.

  lisa02 20:52 07 Nov 2006

Hope you enjoyed the newts, do they go well with Silica Gel?


  knockin on 21:41 07 Nov 2006

I used to go out with Silica Gel, had a very dry sense of humour

  wiz-king 05:55 08 Nov 2006

Oh yes! I remember her, she use to go blue in dry weather and you had to get her steamed up to put her in the pink.

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