Signs of Christmas

  knockin on 18:24 11 Dec 2008

It used to be that Christmas-time was filled with different things from the rest of the year. Turkey and mince pies weren't around except at Christmas. Now shops all over the country stock the same products all year round. Gifts from 'out of town', no longer have the added attraction of being a new experience - seen it all before.
Apart from the complaints that the true spirit of Christmas has been forgotten,(and even that seems to be dying out these days)few things remain that seem to be allied only to Christmas.

I can think of only 2 things:

1)CD's of Scottish bagpipe music advertised on TV;

2) Newberry Fruits.

Is there anything else, or are we doomed to the same old stuff but with tinsel?

P.S. Happy Christmas everyone

  peter99co 18:28 11 Dec 2008

I saw some expensive Christmas Trees in Tesco this week

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 11 Dec 2008

1) A lot of Santas appear in the shops

2) Parents rush round with a look of panic on their faces

3) All signs of goodwill disappear as harassed shoppers rush around at last minute.

  Legolas 19:41 11 Dec 2008

The thing that I remember we only saw at Christmas and got in our stocking was a tangerine, seems silly I suppose but in our house anyway this was the only time we got one. I will need to stop thinking back at Christmas times gone by I'm beginning to get emotional. Can't have that we Scots men never cry.

  knockin on 20:23 11 Dec 2008

Yes, I too remember the tangerine and walnuts etc.. It seems that, these days, when we want something we have it straight away, no need to wait, no sense of anticipation or satisfaction.
My initial observation was prompted by the realisation that I am finding it difficult to take any interest in Christmas, this year...after all it's hardly different this month from last. (except for the F.E. and his gifts)

  Fermat's Theorem 20:50 11 Dec 2008

brings to mind a phrase I picked up today in another context - "be not a curator of the past, but a curate of the future!"

  PoppABear 21:51 11 Dec 2008


  Kev.Ifty 21:54 11 Dec 2008

The bumper issue of the Radio Times. Annoying Ads for summer Holidays. TV Christmas Specials of beloved TV shows.

The Woollies Advert with all the Stars of the day shopping in store, a popular Christmas tune playing in the back ground.

I am filling up!!

  canarieslover 22:07 11 Dec 2008

Saying "Can I have some more money please?" She manages very well throughout the rest of the year but tends to go over the top when Christmas comes.

  Forum Editor 23:14 11 Dec 2008

and that 'Holidays are coming' Coke ad.

Ronco products ads for devices that do amazing things to vegetables.

  Chegs ®™ 07:06 12 Dec 2008

Ronco products ads for devices ...

Also the K-Tel ads for some crappy plastic device(or were K-Tel the company that did LP's of people I never heard of?)Its so long ago,I've forgotten. :)

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