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  Clapton is God 12:03 18 Mar 2008

Interesting map in today's Press which shows that the vast majority of benefit claimants are based in the North West click here

Why am I not surprised?

  Cymro. 12:26 18 Mar 2008

So come on then tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  interzone55 12:33 18 Mar 2008

Ace, No 1 is about a mile from my house, most of the population live in a sprawling estate that used to be used on Frost and several tower blocks.

Doesn't surprise me in the least that this is the worst area, most of the people are white layabouts.

I used to have a girl work for me who lived on the estate, she wouldn't do a second more than 15 hours a week or else her housing benefit would be reduced. During the 15 hours a week she was in work she'd do about 1 hours work and 14 hours moaning about how little money she had - the irony of this never dawned on her and during my first and only round of redundancies she was straight out of the door.

  m800afc 13:59 18 Mar 2008

I was born and bred in Harpurhey, No.4. During the 1950's everybody helped each other and we all managed somehow. Anthony Burgess (I think) once described Harpurhey as the "Most deprived place in England". We were totally unaware, as kids, that we were deprived. All the old houses have been cleared and new modern slums put in their place. I left the area in 1966, and on the odd occasions I do go back it seems that "Gangsta" culture is rife, and the place is like Beirut, but with windows.
Sadly, nowadays, I am unable to work due to illness, so I haven't really escaped.

  techie4me 14:28 18 Mar 2008

I have a friend who due to ill health has been on benefits for 10 years.
They have retrained but every time they go for a job & explain they have had depression suddenly offers of jobs dry up!
It's sadly the way society looks at those who have been ill & are on benefit as if they are scum or low lifes.

My friend would take ANY job offered.
Would even work for less than they get on benefit.
So as they could hold their head up high & say they were employed.

  techie4me 14:29 18 Mar 2008

As a women they feel even more isolated in todays modern society.

  tullie 16:40 18 Mar 2008

Why is Clapton not surprised that the worst figures appear to be in the North West,is he an arrogant Southerner??

  interzone55 17:11 18 Mar 2008

Or perhaps he's a northern who, like me, lives near one of the sink estates that populate the poll.

Or maybe he writes for the Daily Mail and was in the department that made up the survey

  citadel 17:16 18 Mar 2008

there are many people on incapacity benefit because it pays more than unemployment benefit and they do not have to go down to sign on.

  pj123 17:32 18 Mar 2008

citadel, got it in one.

Which is also the reason they don't want to get a job.

  Legolas 18:53 18 Mar 2008

I am glad the map doesn't go further North into Scotland as Glasgow is supposed to be the worst city in Britain per head of population for people on incapacity benefit. But it is noticeable how the areas with the highest level of incapacity claimants are also the poorest and most deprived areas of our country.

If people see no way out of their poverty then they will try and get as much as they can out of a state that they feel has let them down, I am not condoning it but I can understand it.

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