Should we modernise the voting process?

  oresome 12:52 08 Jun 2017

I've voted in the usual manner today.

Walked a few hundred yards to a temporary portacabin that's wired up to the nearest street light for power and has a portaloo outside for the convenience of the three staff present.

Later the ballot boxes will be collected and the votes counted and in a few weeks the cabins will be disconnected from the lamppost and carted away.

All seems a tad expensive when multiplied throughout the UK

On the other hand, it works and the only likely hitch to the technology employed is if the pencil point breaks. No doubt another pencil is on hot standby.

So should we think about modernising the process or leave well alone?

  x123 13:01 08 Jun 2017

The option to vote on line, on the day, should be available.

  Aitchbee 13:08 08 Jun 2017

The option to vote on line, on the day, should be available.

... especially when the weather is as atrocious as it is today ;o[

  Belatucadrus 14:23 08 Jun 2017

On the other hand perhaps it should be made harder, help eliminate any that find putting a cross in a box once every four years too much trouble.

PS postal vote is easy enough, my elderly mother has done it for years.

  x123 14:45 08 Jun 2017

PS postal vote is easy enough, my elderly mother has done it for years

Those under 30 probably don't know what a post box is. tic

What about those, like me, who leave it upto the last minute to decide who to vote for.

  Belatucadrus 14:59 08 Jun 2017

Buy an umbrella ?

  john bunyan 15:01 08 Jun 2017


You have till 10 pm I believe- hope you make the right call!!!!!

  morddwyd 15:44 08 Jun 2017

Did somebody not try to use punched cards once?

It was a disaster!

  wee eddie 16:28 08 Jun 2017

Hanging Chads were a problem

  x123 18:04 08 Jun 2017

john bunyan

I have till 8pm to decide, then we are going to the pub.

It might end up as a spin of a coin.

Who ever gets in, I hope the country does well in brexit negotiations.

  Forum Editor 18:35 08 Jun 2017

I quite like walking to the polling station, which in my case is in rooms attached to the local church. There's something satisfying about putting a cross against a candidate's name, and slipping the ballot paper into the box.

I daresay internet voting will arrive at some point, and then we can talk about all the vulnerabilities in the system to our heart's content.

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