should we get tough like australia

  sunny staines 13:08 15 Jul 2007

click here

whats your view

  Bingalau 13:53 15 Jul 2007

sunny staines. this item has been doing the rounds for at least a year that I know of. I wonder if it has had any effect?

  sunny staines 14:02 15 Jul 2007

first time i've seen it. a bit strong but has some good points.

  LastChip 15:48 15 Jul 2007

a politician not afraid to speak common sense.

Yes, Yes Yes!!!

And the faster Britain adopts a similar attitude, the better.

  stolensilver 15:58 15 Jul 2007

Bravo Australia! Why do I doubt any politicians over here will have the guts to follow in those footsteps?

  sunny staines 16:44 15 Jul 2007

the UK should have done a decade ago.

  spuds 16:45 15 Jul 2007

There is an old saying "When in Rome, do as Roman's do".

Why should any country be forced into changing its laws and modes of living, because of other peoples religious believes and practises. If anyone as a problem about their country of origin, then they should remain there, and perhaps help resolve those problems, instead of demanding sole rights elsewhere.

I think that many other countries will adopt the views, that the Australian politicians are now suggesting. If you want to mix and integrate, then fair dues, if not then leave, and have your peace elsewhere!.

  Kate B 16:58 15 Jul 2007

Australia is a surprisingly xenophobic and racist country, and frankly I'm rather disgusted by what Howard is reported to have said. You tend to think of the big cities - Sydney and Melbourne especially - as laid back and inclusive, and they are, sort of, but at the same time there's an unpleasant sense that they'd rather have stuck with the postwar White Australia policy.

Australia has a poor record on its non-white population, starting with the aboriginal people, who are marginalised and have been very badly abused by white Australian society within living memory. It's also been very grudging of refugees from Asia and operates refugee detention centres that have been described as being like Guantanamo.

All of which is ironic when you consider that Australia is itself a nation of immigrants. One of the reasons it's a world-class country in the 21st century is precisely because it had to drop the White Australia policy and stop looking to Europe, and instead take immigrants from all over the world. Melbourne, for example, is I believe biggest Greek city in the world after Athens (I haven't checked that, though I will). It has also had to realise that it's part of Asia and the Pacific Rim rather than a distant offshoot of Britain - all of which has created a modern, multicultural nation.

So the xenophobia in what Howard is reported to have said is, to say the least, unbecoming; and I don't think the Australian approach is one to aspire to.

  Al94 17:08 15 Jul 2007

What Howard said is 100% correct, I admire his courage and wish our politicians had the guts to make a similar statement. The last line of the report is superb.

  sunny staines 17:24 15 Jul 2007

kate b

whenever anything about immigration comes on you mention people being racist. I consider people with a hatred of foreigners racist but surely people wanting common sense measures to control and manage immigration cannot be racist.

  Flak999 17:26 15 Jul 2007

Why is it xenophobia? What is wrong with Australia wanting to limit immigration? They only have to look back at the mother country to see what an abject failure multiculturalism is here!

Where has it got us precisely? Our open door policy which allows all the flotsam and jetsam that other countries do not want, to wash up on our shores is having a dreadfully detrimental effect on community cohesion in this country.

We have vast enclaves of immigrants in areas like Bradford and Birmingham which harbour all sorts of undesirable people totally hostile to our way of life, hell bent on imposing their strange dark age beliefs on us all.

Evidence? The London suicide tube bombings, the attempted car bombs in London at the beginning of this month, The attempted suicide car bombing at Glasgow airport, The apparent infiltration of the NHS by some overseas doctors who instead of aiding the sick seek to kill.

This is where our policy on multiculturalism has got us, it is a failed, bankrupt ideology, even the Chairman of the CRE has acknowledged as much.

You cannot integrate people who don't want to be integrated. The so called British suicide bombers are no more British than I am Pakistani! An accident of birth and a stamp on a passport do not confer a thousand years of heritage.

So I say good luck to the Australians, if they can avoid making the terrible mistakes with immigration that we undoubtedly have, good luck to them!

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