Should we buy the Queen a new Yacht?

  zzzz999 06:07 16 Jan 2012
  Forum Editor 07:38 16 Jan 2012

I think it's the last thing we should contemplate doing at the moment, and I expect this silly proposal will sink without trace.

  daz60 07:40 16 Jan 2012

second hand one here

bit of a spruce up and,if she gives the land and property back to the people,she could use it as a luxury houseboat.

  carver 07:43 16 Jan 2012

I don't think at her age she would get much use out of one, always buy her one of these

  Quickbeam 08:25 16 Jan 2012

OK by me if I get a new car as well.

  Brumas 09:32 16 Jan 2012

In my opinion the old Royal Yacht Britannia was withdrawn from service far too soon. In these days of restoration restoration restoration, surely it would have been prudent and more cost effective to keep the old lady (the ship not HMQ) afloat and continue to fly the flag around the world, a job she was so admirably equipped to do so.

  Bingalau 10:21 16 Jan 2012

Is it April the first? If there is money to spare to pay for a new Royal Yacht, then spend that money on a new Carrier for the Royal Navy/Royal Air Force. Yes combine the two services and save on aircraft too. (Royal Nairforce?)

  morddwyd 10:52 16 Jan 2012


She can afford buy her own.

  interzone55 11:45 16 Jan 2012


Which would then mean it's her yacht.

If the nation bought a yacht it would remain in the possession of the nation for the use of the monarch.

A technical detail but important, just like Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle belong to the nation, but Balmoral & Sandringham belong to The Royal Family

  Aitchbee 11:48 16 Jan 2012


...should be made a Sir, Ma'am!

  onionskin 11:51 16 Jan 2012

Well, it would create jobs - unless the Germans get the contract.

They always got over objections to taxpayer funding of Britannia by saying it would be used as a hospital ship in time of war, except that it wasn't sent to the Falklands. But, it wasn't scrapped, it's a visitor attraction in Edinburgh, so it must have been at least partially restored. We should commandeer it before they get independence.

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