Should students be forced to attend lectures?

  spikeychris 12:34 11 Sep 2006

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  Noldi 12:39 11 Sep 2006

If it was my Son he better turn up with me footing the bill.


  lisa02 12:41 11 Sep 2006

I sat on the bus home from town the other day and two youngsters where discussing University. The jist of the conversation was how much of a grant do ya get for that course? One was saying he's entitled to £4,100 of a grant...

then on the other side a had a chav yakking away on a mobile about "why's she so hungry" and "this lad" or somethin. It was enough to make any sane person leap from the bus at full speed.

Cars and holidays where mentioned too by the students.

'Absobleedinlutely' indeed SpikeyChris.

  lisa02 12:41 11 Sep 2006

Sorry for the bit of an off topic rant.

  Sir Radfordin 13:01 11 Sep 2006

The NUS is right on this one - there needs to be something about the standard of lectures first. I sat through so many hours of someone reading powerpoint slides back to me during my time at Uni - I wouldn't have been happy to have been forced to be there.

What was interesting however was that even in the 'easy' modules the people who passed were those who went to the lectures. Get rid of the micky mouse subjects and keep Uni for those who want to study at degree level and this problem would be resolved.

  spuds 13:02 11 Sep 2006

Can you force anyone to do anything nowadays. Surely 'their' human rights comes into it, doesn't it!.

  Noldi 13:10 11 Sep 2006


My Son has no Human rights when hes spending my money. Because I have human rights to go for a beer more often.


  n4165si 13:41 11 Sep 2006

if a student is not serious about having further education then don't waste taxpayers money .he might as well idle his time at work where there is at least a remedy for this type of apathy.he can at least waste his own money,this country is to full of spongers as it is.

  Kate B 13:44 11 Sep 2006

Students are hardly spongers. They and their parents pay their way through university, which was not the case when I was a student. I know several students and they all work stupidly hard and most earn enough to pay tax, too.

  it_girl 14:00 11 Sep 2006

Sitting at a desk,in a bus,at the bar,at a pc,on the bench,in a park,in the board room,or in a racing car will never truely indicate how hard that individual is working.For it is only in their heart that they will know.
Some poeple are plodders others not.Like in sport we see sprinters and marathon runners.Let us not be fooled by the workers who regularly stay behind to do office overtime!Many student do not need to hear each page or fact being aired by some dull and lazy lecturers.
Why do many from the 'past' think that thet are naturally smarter and more industrious then their youthful counterparts?Hope I don't end up sitting on a bus trying to work out who is a 'chav' or insane.

  cycoze 14:43 11 Sep 2006

Yes i think if it is part of their studies they should be attending.

There is also the other side of the coin, Lecturers who fail to turn up ! is that not unfair on the students.

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