Should Shami Chakrabarti Resign?

  flycatcher1 10:39 06 Mar 2011

The Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, is a Member of the Council at Court of Governors of the L.S.E.
As the LSE have been keen to associate themselves with the Libyian regime maybe she should resign from Liberty and the LSE.
If she did not know what was going on she was not doing her job and if she knew what was going on her position in both organisations is surely untenable.

  peter99co 10:53 06 Mar 2011

One of many in similar circumstances! I think most of them may have fallen into the same trap.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:19 06 Mar 2011

Oh do behave. A Governor cannot be expected to know everything that occurs within an organisation and anyone who thinks so is away with the fairies. I live the UK but it does not mean that a) I know everything that happens and b) that I agree with it all.

Get a grip man. Until recently Libya was the 'darling' of the Western world. Every country has scallywags in it's cupboards and I'm sure that the UK is no exception so I can only assume that you intend to leave the UK in disgust.


  rickf 11:45 06 Mar 2011

What nonsense? Are you head hnting?

  Pine Man 13:16 06 Mar 2011

...maybe those that voted in the Labour Party with Blair as the leader should be prosecuted for war crimes following the (illegal) invasion he launched on behalf of the electorate.

  Forum Editor 13:55 06 Mar 2011

That's a ridiculous question, we're lucky to have people of her ability working in this country.

The last thing we need is witch-hunting over a situation like this.

  Uboat 14:18 06 Mar 2011

I personaly think she is fantastic! i agree with the supporters who replied to this thread!

  flycatcher1 18:15 06 Mar 2011

A very,very close relation is the Chair of Governors at a very large Comprehensive School.
(OFSTED - Outstanding!) A great deal of the Governors time is spent controlling the management and financial affairs of the school.

The Governors are legally responsible for the Finances of the School. Is it not the same with that other Educational Establishment - the LSE?

What do the Governors of the LSE do - apart from Govern that is.

  Forum Editor 19:35 06 Mar 2011

worked at the Home Office as a barrister, and was awarded a CBE for her work as a human rights lawyer. She's well known for her devotion to her legal work. She's a Master of the Bench of Middle temple, and a governpr of the British Film Institute, apart from being Director of Liberty, and being a member of the Court of Governors of the LSE.

She expressed regret that the board approved the Gadaffi donation, and it's not clear what, if any, prior knowledge she had of it.

Shami's integrity has not been questioned over this, and I see no reason for that to happen.

  Kevscar1 06:50 07 Mar 2011

Where does she fid the time to do all those jobs. No wonder she has no idea what is going n in her own organisations.

  flycatcher1 10:01 07 Mar 2011

Under NO circumstances should anyone should question Shami Chakrabarti's integrity.
I think that she is a National Treasure and a perfect example that if you want anything done always ask a busy person.
However Kevscar's point remains.

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