should ross go

  greyballs 13:16 28 Oct 2008

i think so and not just because of his latest headline grabber(his last was probabally his £8 mill wage deal).quite simply the guy is full of unadultareted toilet humour,and is a friday night embarrassment.

  Mike D 13:26 28 Oct 2008


  rickf 13:26 28 Oct 2008

Yes, and Brand

  greyballs 13:34 28 Oct 2008

thanks guys,but we will need more than the three of us to make it happen

  donki 14:02 28 Oct 2008

Sorry but I dont think he should go at all, but I would luv to see the back of Brand for good as I think he is a . Having said that I think that a public apology should be made for the telephone stunt as it was completely uncalled for and not funny at all.

The problem with this kind of post is that it will divide opinion, people will either like them or hate them.

Yes I agree that JR can at times can be vulgar but I think he can conduct a very good interview. I do find the guy genuinely funny both on his Friday night show and his radio show. Also his Film 2008 is possible the best film review show and have never found any of his reviews wide of the mark.

So sorry guys I dont think JR should go at all, he may not be your cup of tea but the veiwing figures dont lie, a large majority of the public like his Friday night show. His show is also able to attract the highest calalre oof guests.

  donki 14:05 28 Oct 2008

Sorry that post was a bumbling mess, I'm in work and had to take a phone call half way through and didn't get a chance to check what Id written,I apologise :). I think you can get the general gist of it.

  birdface 14:49 28 Oct 2008

More than the 3 of you. click here Totally agree with you.I have never found any of the two of them the least bit funny.I Usually switch channels if I see any of them on.

  donki 14:58 28 Oct 2008

1500 complaints hardly outweigh the Millions that tune into both listen and watch JR. Again I dont like RB in the slightest but as I have stated in another post his latest UK tour was a sell out and as far as I am aware his programs on C4 are very popular too.

Alot of memeber's in this forum always say we live in a democracy and the majority should rule and so it should i.e the smoking ban ( I'm a smoker but I accept this). Therefore unless the BBC recieved more complints than veiwers why whould they sack either of them? The likelyhood is they would just go to another channel. If anything should be done it should be for both to be arrested for and questioned for the offence and hopefully that should make them thinktwice in future.

  Seth Haniel 15:00 28 Oct 2008

"I Usually switch channels if I see any of them on"

So how do you know they are 'a least bit funny' as you have failed to watch them ??

  DippyGirl 15:16 28 Oct 2008

It would be difficult to sack them as the program was pre-recorded and had been OK'd by the BBC management.

If anyone should be sacked it is the person who sanctioned it (and if possible the person who employed RB).
I quite like JR (though he is becoming abit of a buffoon)
However I have never understood why anyone would do anything other than avoid RB - leave room, cross street.. leave country on encountering him; to actually give him money for anything is beyond belief.

But at the end of the day you always have the off-switch if you dont like what you see/hear

If you dont like what the beeb spends its cash on write to them and complain

  Forum Editor 15:26 28 Oct 2008

(but can't explain how) that complaints have literally been flooding into the BBC since the incident. Many of them are not merely related to the Brand/Ross incident, but to the amount of bad language that has crept into BBC output in general. It's looking as if this is likely to precipitate a much needed rethink at the BBC, and a general tightening of the rules relating to the use of obscenities on air.

It's all about standards really - setting them, rather than following other peoples'and descending to the level of the lowest common denominator.

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