Should the "Ripper" be released

  anchor 09:01 18 Feb 2009

The are moves afoot that could result in the preparing for the release of the Yorkshire Ripper.

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A source stated, "He is effectively cured as long as he never stops taking his medication"; but there`s the problem.

He refused treatment for many years, so the question remains, would he continue taking it when not under supervision?. Experience in similar patients shows there is a high chance he won`t.

  Quickbeam 09:27 18 Feb 2009

Would the doctors that support his release be prepared to take full responsibility for the bloody obvious...?

  carver 09:27 18 Feb 2009

And if he is released and then kills again you will have the same people saying sorry, got it slightly wrong.

He killed with out any remorse on his part and they had to "forcibly" medicate him to "cure" him, what a bunch of plonkers.

I bet they wouldn't be too keen on him being released if he was sent to live in the same area as them.

  newman35 09:31 18 Feb 2009

I think it will be a very brave Home Secretary that authorises the release - and politicians ain't brave with their careers.

  anchor 09:47 18 Feb 2009

It appears that it will involve three stages: first to have him declared sane, then have him transferred to the normal prison service. An appeal would then be made that his human rights have been breached.

This will involve a court procedure, possibly even in Europe. The Home secretary would not be directly involved.

  Quickbeam 10:02 18 Feb 2009

"An appeal would then be made that his human rights have been breached."
That's why he's inside, he took the human right to live away from his victims.

  Sparkly 11:37 18 Feb 2009

"He is effectively cured as long as he never stops taking his medication," the source said.

yea right more like he has been in a place where he could not live out his sick fantasy's, how many times have rapist's murders,been released because they have been model patient's to go on and commit these crimes again,he should carry on being a model patient where he is for the rest of his life.

  anchor 12:05 18 Feb 2009

Saimo Chahale, the lawyer representing Sutcliffe, (now known as Peter Coonan), believes he has been "misrepresented", and "that there is a huge amount of public information about this case that is simply untrue".

Tell that to the families of the victims, including Olive Smelt, the only survivor of his reign of terror.

She hopes to have him released in 2011.

  carver 12:46 18 Feb 2009

Personally I believe that as fourm member has pointed out,that they are looking at transferring him to the next stage down in terms of security it should be done in a coffin.

Solve all our problems as well as his.

  DANZIG 13:47 18 Feb 2009

Living in Huddersfield and working in Bradford as I do, the memories of his atrocious crimes still lurk around here.

When he was doing his thing I was a wee little one and lived comfortably far away in the Midlands, but my other half who is ten years older than me remembers it only too well. She was 18/19 at the time and it scared the living daylights out of her as she tells me.

This animal should never be taken off the highest form of security - who cares about his human rights??

I know I don't.

  Stuartli 14:14 18 Feb 2009


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