Should PCSos get police uniforms?

  WhiteTruckMan 22:09 09 Oct 2007

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They apparently want it so they can get more respect from the public. But in my eyes, respect is something you earn, not buy or borrow from someone else.

What do you think?


  Jak_1 22:13 09 Oct 2007

so why should they wear the same uniform! They do not have the same training nor the same powers, if they wore the same uniform then the public would mistake them for fully trained police officers. That's a recipe for grave mistakes!

  Totally-braindead 22:39 09 Oct 2007

That would make them an even bigger joke in my opinion.

  youtruth 22:44 09 Oct 2007

I suppose that you guys hiding behind the nets are adding more to the security of your local area?

Doubt it.

They are better than nothing.

  Blackhat 22:53 09 Oct 2007

I have a couple of these PCSos walk around the trading estate twice a week where my office is located. I am glad to see that they are not fully trained, fully qualified, fully paid officers as that would be a missuse of resources. If we are going to have them then its better that they do the mundane show of presence that acts as a deterent rather than using the real PC's who have better thing to do.

  Forum Editor 22:54 09 Oct 2007

people will expect them to respond as police officers in an emergency, and they aren't trained to do that. It would be unfair on both members of the public and the PCSO's.

I'm all for making them look less like traffic wardens, but that can be done quite easily, without going the whole way towards a police uniform. What they should have is a nationally-adopted 'look', so that wherever you go in the country you can recognise them instantly.

  spuds 23:53 09 Oct 2007

Some police officers and forces (not all) have a high regard and respect for PCSO's in the role that they participate in. The supply and issue of uniforms are on the basis of governmental guidelines, and most forces stick to the recommendations. Some forces even issue stab proof vests to PSCO's, and others are considering that move.

The role of the previous police employed traffic warden (not council contracted-out attendants) is no longer, and training of PSCO's as been extended to cover further requirements. Further discussions are at present going ahead to increase the powers and usage of PSCO's.

Referring to the original title, PSCO's already get standard issue police uniforms, in most if not all forces areas including constabulary motifs. I am referring to uniforms and not equipment for restraint and arrest.

Whether you like them or not, they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.Their role in the community is not one of 'just walking about', but to integrate with the communities that they serve, and perhaps by high visible presence they will achieve respect from the communities that they serve.

  laurie53 07:29 10 Oct 2007

Should we give support workers in hospitals the same uniform as nurses?

What about support workers in the forces e.g. RFA crews or civilian drivers?

They are not policemen and never will be, so stop trying to dress them up as such.

  bremner 07:42 10 Oct 2007

"Some police officers and forces (not all) have a high regard and respect for PCSO's"

Most certainly not the massive majority of the rank and file. Most senior officers have no choice but to publicly support the party line.

The people who are suffering are the public. PCSO's should immediately be scrapped and the money spent on real, well trained police officers.

  spuds 09:41 10 Oct 2007

You like everyone else possibly realise that it all comes down to finance.A PCSO wage is about two thirds of that of a 'probationer' police officer.

Like all establishments like the police force and fire service, you will always have certain rank and file who will not support things.Perhaps that's were the macho image comes in. Putting a 'well trained police officer' on the streets is not a few months training scheme. It takes at least two years training to reach a standard acceptable within guidelines, before a police officer as a reasonable run 'on their own'. PCSO's have very limited training as to what they are expected to do. Like most things, the public only see what is on the surface, and not what is actually going on.

Going back possibly to the subject title regarding uniform issue. There are still a number of 'establishments' who issue men's trousers to female personnel. Some establishments are now addressing this matter/problem :O)

  The Brigadier 09:48 10 Oct 2007

Our local PCSO strutts round acting like a mini Hitler.
So many people have complained about it that the creature is now only allowed to patrol with the village policeman!

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