Should the law be changed on Dangerous Dog's?

  Uboat 18:57 07 Oct 2010

I get sick of watching the news where a dog has bitten or even killed someone, normaly they dog is put down but should dogs with the name "Pitbull" or any kiond of fighting dogs be either put down or banned!

i have had Labradors for many years and even many years ago had a staffie, i dont have one now but what i will say is that when i see a staffie or another bullterrier type dog walking towards me i become very hesitant!

Looking at this video i believe things need changing and should be done ASAP!
Whats your views.?

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  sunnystaines 19:07 07 Oct 2010

i think its the owners not the breed though some breeds have more energy than others.

most of these bad dogs are from divvy families that have not trained the dog.

  Noldi 19:15 07 Oct 2010

"most of these bad dogs are from divvy families that have not trained the dog"

I think they have been trained but not as a normal person would do it.

Some European countrys now have laws that you HAVE to take your dog to official training classes to see if the dog is safe around other dogs and peole.


  Forum Editor 19:16 07 Oct 2010

and should be done ASAP!"

Fair enough, but how? It's all very well to call for changes in the law, but what changes?

If you want to ban ownership of "any kind of fighting dog" you'll be banning pretty well all dogs - they all fight if suitably provoked. The real problem today is that certain kinds of dogs appear to be used as weapons - people walk the streets with dogs that are a statement "don't mess with me, look at the dog I have with me".

I agree that controls are needed, but I'm not sure what, or how they would be implemented.

  spuds 23:43 07 Oct 2010

The media like nothing more than a picture of a blooded or scarred person, the younger the better, usually with a title of Bull Pit or Devil Dog. And I agree to a certain point, because this can portray what a animal can do, if perhaps provoked, or in the wrong hands or environment.

But the main cause is the fact that some dogs are out of control, because their owners want them to be, or the owner hasn't a clue with a couldn't care less attitude or is far to idle and lazy regarding 'correct' training. You only need to look around your own area, and perhaps see who cleans up their own dog's mess and who doesn't.

The present law regarding dangerous dogs is a very confused document, that was drafted in haste. It does require adjustments, but not as a knee jerk reaction pampering to certain quarters. It needs consultations from people and certain establishments that understand dogs at all levels.

Being bitten on the ankle or leg by a collie or corgi is perhaps just as painful and fearsome as seeing a large muscular dog on a lead?.

  Joseph Kerr 00:32 08 Oct 2010

They are animals, and like many other kinds of animals, different breeds have different tendencies. The temperaments. These temperaments came first, not training by some moron; the pre-existing reputation of the dog is the reason said moron wants the dog in the first place.

When a shark bites your leg off, it is just because it wanted to ascertain whether you were a seal. But nonetheless, you are now minus one leg.

So, whilst bad owners may not do any good, they are not the whole story. Look in to how many bites by labradors there are each year.

Get shot of them i say. No, not sharks.

  morddwyd 08:54 08 Oct 2010

I had an uncle who used to breed dogs.

He used to say that if you put a bad tempered dog to a bad tempered bitch you'll get bad tempered puppies, which seems reasonable.

(Works with humans too!)

  interzone55 09:01 08 Oct 2010

Some people keep these dogs as a status symbol, much like a large breasted girlfriend or a chain made out of shiny (but hollow) gold.

Many more sensible areas of the media use the tord Status Dog rather than fighting dog, because that's what they are, and more often than not the dog is not trained to attack, just the look is enough to deter most people.

On the other hand there's some idiots who train the dogs to attack.

The problem is, how do you legislate?

My girlfriend has a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and if you looked at it you'd think it should be banned, then if you saw it "fighting" with her lurcher you'd want to shoot them both. In reality though both dogs are really soft and would run a mile from anything bigger than a rabbit.

Just like the tearaway kids on the sink estates it's not the breed, it's the upbringing, that causes the problems...

  colberly 09:11 08 Oct 2010

Working with rescue dogs and seeing the numbers of Staffy crosses and staffy's that are being discareded by their owners mainly due to media hype is extremely upsetting. 100's of these beautiful dogs are PTS every single day around the country through no fault of their own, most are great with people. Staffy's in the right home make adorable pets & absolutely adore children. If BSL had worked then the Pit Bull would have been extinct in this country many years ago. Any dog from a little Yorkie to a Labrador will bite if provoked or with the wrong owner. It's time we targeted the deed not the breed.
Although this is an Australian site it makes good reading IMHO.
click here

  interzone55 09:14 08 Oct 2010

of course "tord" should read "word"

  babybell 09:58 08 Oct 2010

I'd like to see a licensing system brought in. The more dangerous the dog is known to be, the more you pay on your license. The main reason for this would be it would cut the number of young boys who walk around with dangerous dogs in order to attack bully other kids with.

So if you own a harmless little West Highland White, you pay, lets say £50 a year. If however you own a Pit Bull, you pay, say, £400.

Yes, this would mean that responsible owners would be penalised for the mistakes of other less responsible owners, but the same could be said for car insurance.

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