Should I say anything? obviously has a problem

  Jpeg6785 10:21 16 Apr 2008

Should I say anthing as a concerned customer or has it nothing to do with me.

I have a gold membership at a local hotel/leisure complex like many others I am there to reduce my 16 stone weight down to less big proportions, there are obviosuly those there we would all envy young women and men with perfectly formed "Normal" bodies...

However there is one girl there who has obviously a problem a severe one at that, she very painfully thin, all i can describe her as is something ive seen in photos depicting the holocaust and without any apprehension I would say she is suffering from anorexia or similar. when I'd completed my gym regime she was still on the same slalom machine the time on the machine 1:30Mins and dripping with sweat....the top of her legs are no thicker than a tin of beans honestly.

I feel a liitle angry at this because i feel they are taking advantage of the £50.00 into their account every moth with little consideration of their customers welfare and it dosent look good either on them, should she be taken to one side by a senior gym manager or qualified person and be asked about her health/workout regime/eating habits etc?? is it their responsibility to ask? is it mine to highlight her potential problem or has it nothing yo do with anyone only her.

  Bingalau 10:24 16 Apr 2008

Well that's a difficult one to answer, no doubt about that. I wouldn't even attempt it.

  donki 10:33 16 Apr 2008

I know in my gym I wouldn't dream of approaching the girl myself, I doubt if any of the staff would either. If she can use a slalom machine for 1hr 30mins I would suggest that she if just fit and eating properly, cause if she wasn't she would have colapsed 15 - 20mins into it. She may be an athelite or in training for an even. There is a difference between someone not eating and being thin and someone being fit and wanting to be that way.

  interzone55 11:07 16 Apr 2008

Anorexic's get that way by either not eating - or vomiting up stuff they've eaten.

They tend to have very little energy, due to lack of calorie intake, so would be unlikely to last 1 1/2 hours on any exercise equipment.

I would suggest this is a very fit lady and you should concern yourself no more with her.

At my gym there is a lady who spends an hour on the stairmaster at maximum resistance - I can manage about 5 minutes. Some people are just super fit...

  Jpeg6785 11:25 16 Apr 2008

Im going to mark this as resolved and leave it at that.

I still however fail to see that she is posing no serious health risk to herself by being "severly" underweight for her height, the same as I have a BMI of 29 and come within the over weight/nearly obese category. I dont believe anyone can justify this as being just fit, with a sunken cheeks, protruding cheek bones etc, etc. it defies logic to do so when you see her.

there was an article in the paper recently of a girl who used to walk 12Hrs every day to reduce her weight and nearly died through anorexia, therefore the argument that having suffering from anorexia dosent allow you to have the enery dosent hold.

I still maintain that the company should have some sort of responsibility to it clients severly underweight or severly overweight purley on health and safety grounds. But I suppose there are no legal requirments to do so.

  Jpeg6785 11:28 16 Apr 2008

Sorry FE

Replied before I had seen your response, good advice thank you.

  donki 11:44 16 Apr 2008

I see where your coming from, but where would actions liek this end? Restaurants turning away people who are over weight?

I know persoanally if I was a person who paid my membership and went to the gym regularly to get fit and followed a strict died I would be very angry by a member of staff approaching me questioning if I was healthy or if I had any diet issues.

Some people just are thin by nature, same way as some people are larger by nature.

  Covergirl 12:52 16 Apr 2008

There was a prog on Ch4 a couple of months ago with a fatty and a thinny swapping diets. The first one I saw was an extremely thin lady (as you describe) who obviously DID NOT have any eating disorders.

Tread carefully

  spuds 12:59 16 Apr 2008

I have never had need to use an expensive gym so as to keep fit, the same applies to making purchases at the local health food store, or considering purchasing bucketfuls of health cures and name branded water. Nature can provide most if not all these things for free, and perhaps in more pleasurable ways.

I also thought that it was a usual requirement of gym clubs term of conditions, that pre-assessment for medical conditions and fitness was the normal procedures for membership. This procedure would then result in a fitness plan or personal trainer supervision throughout membership.

When people start talking about gyms and memberships, I always consider what two of my neighbours seem to suggest. They have a 9to4 5 day a week hectic work life (office job and drive everywhere)with not enough hours in the day, so they constantly tell me. Yet at the same time, they find time in visiting the local gym four or five times a week, doing their bit, then going to the local pub and consuming a fair quantity of beer and wines to replace the lost liquid content of their bodies from hard exercise.

  laurie53 20:57 16 Apr 2008

"Sorry FE

Replied before I had seen your response, good advice thank you."


Don't see a response from the FE.

Is my browser playing up? If it was anybody else I would think it had been deleted, but he's hardly likely likely to delete his own post.

  Forum Editor 22:21 16 Apr 2008

I think you're confusing me with fourm member, who is a forum member.

My own advice, seeing that I'm now in the thread, is to do absolutely nothing. This woman is entitled to her privacy, and if she wants to be painfully thin it's her right to be so. She may well have a medical problem that isn't in any way connected with an eating disorder, and The last thing you, or anyone else should do is try to discuss the matter with her - it may embarrass and/or offend her, and you really have no right to approach her at all.

Let her be.

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