Should I change my Login Name?

  pj123 11:53 17 May 2006

Now that the PCA Forum is open access, I just Googled pj123.

Some interesting results. Only the first two are actually me, but the others gave me cause for concern.

Don't really want to change because I have had this login name since I joined the PCA Forum.

Anybody else tried Googling their login name?

  johndrew 12:09 17 May 2006

`Anybody else tried Googling their login name?`

As a result of your posting I have just done so ..... very interesting!!

I shouldn`t worry about your login name though, it is likely that whatever you choose there will be something out there that you would not wish to be associated with. The thing to be concerned about is your reputation with members of forums in which you use the current login; no problems there then!!

  wolfie3000 12:51 17 May 2006

worrying, i googled my name in and got two pcadvisor threads and one on the gtaforums lol,

  rmcqua 12:52 17 May 2006

...I hope you are successful with your Gloucestershire endeavours!

  ventanas 13:54 17 May 2006

Just tried mine and nothing relating to this forum. Went through ten pages. Plenty about Spanish windows though.

  €dstowe 14:43 17 May 2006

I think we'd all have to change our sign-ins if we took notice of what comes up on Gooooogle.

There are 1280 hits for my moniker but, most of them are missing the €. Even so, there are one of two undesirable entries and a number of bodybuilding refs (a subject of zero interest to me).

There are several referring to here and more referring to things abstacted from here and quoted elsewhere (I wonder if they got permission to do that?)

  pj123 15:06 17 May 2006

rmcqua, exactly what I mean. I have been happily living with my partner for the last 30 years, 12 years in Croydon and the last 18 in Norfolk.

€dstowe, I did get an email from PCA some time ago asking for my permission to quote my postings/responses in the magazine. I confirmed that they could. Didn't realise that they may also end up on Google though.

  tony58 15:27 17 May 2006

wooooow,iam famous

  ade.h 16:31 17 May 2006

click here I like what the top result says. Makes me sound like I know what I'm on about....

  ade.h 16:34 17 May 2006

Gloustershire endeavours... LOL! I just Googled you pj.

"pj123 is 57 years old and lives in Gloucestershire . She is single with no children..."

I will just state for the record that - as far as I know - pj is not woman and does not live in Glos.

  ade.h 16:37 17 May 2006

A particularly unfortunate result at the bottom of page 3...

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