Should I Be Made To Feel Guilty?

  oresome 10:45 25 Sep 2015

I'm retired and live with my wife in a private two storey four bedroomed house.

It is said that the county's housing stock could be better managed if I were to downsize and release the property for sale to a family more in need of this size of accommodation.

I've no objection to moving, but less living space on one level doesn't equate to less money to buy. In fact it's just the opposite and bungalows fetch a premium price in the areas we look. Add on the cost of buying, selling and moving and there's no wonder a logjam develops.

If I do feel any guilt, it's around Christmas time when my daughter would like to ask us across for dinner but her house is too small to accommodate even four people to dine comfortably.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:18 25 Sep 2015

The population is getting older and as you have said a bungalow is your preference if moving however there seems to be a very short stock of these and no one is building them.

Have just moved my mother (in her eighties) from a three bedroomed large bungalow to a smaller one. The profit from the move was minimal after costs, never mind he stress involved. The move was only done to make life more manage for us all now she lives within walking distance.

  Govan1x 13:36 25 Sep 2015

If you feel guilty just sell up and move to one of those countries where you get good weather 52 weeks of the year.

You would probably still feel guilty leaving us all here shivering our way through the winter. And the so called summer as well.

When you finally depart this world your daughter would probably inherit your house so that is worth thinking about.

Or swap houses with your daughter then you will all be happy.

Nothing to feel guilty about just remember to smile and give your face a holiday and get on with life instead of worrying about others.

  spuds 13:55 25 Sep 2015

Until people get personally involved in these things, then most of the time they may not fully understand or appreciate what is likely to happen. And at that time, it might become more of a problem.

Affordable housing is the government's regular speech, and its a now known fact, that some developer's are using this for gaining planning permission, even though the majority of house being built in these developments could not be classed as affordable to most people.

Our local council, and I suspect other council's are doing likewise. Is to offer financial packages to people in larger homes, to move to lesser roomed homes, if the family as reduced over the years. The 'bedroom tax' was brought in for that purpose, I would suggest.

What annoys me the most, is when some people have their tenancy stopped, though perhaps a clause in the rule book. And at the same, you see people moving into these once treasured homes, and some of them might be immigrant's, who prefer to live in communities of their own kind for safety and security. Usually leaving the property vacant for most of the time, which then becomes just a resting place for a friend or friends for a few nights. These houses are easy to locate, you only need to look for closed curtains all day, and unkempt gardens and hedges.

I have perhaps gone off track, to the original introduction, but at the end of the day, its whether a move will resolve an issue or possibly make further issues. Some I might have highlighted above.

  Govan1x 13:57 25 Sep 2015


Just added that as two of my in laws have moved to Lanzarote and the temperature is usually about 30 degrees at this time of year and 18 degrees in the winter.

I would settle for the winter weather as I don't like the heat.

No answer required as we don't want to spoil oresome's post.

  john bunyan 16:10 25 Sep 2015

Feel no guilt. Us oldies have worked all our lives, and if we want to stay in a house we have loved and developed for years, why shouldn't we? In any case my house could not be afforded by young people so it would not help in any case.


Would you switch allegiance to Portugal if you moved?? I am sre you will never move away too far from your beloved Nicola :))

  rickf 17:43 25 Sep 2015

Stay in comfort. We/you have earned it as said.

  kad292 22:37 25 Sep 2015

The Gov are basically saying that your endeavour means nothing,you are to blame because you take up too much space so let us,the Gov,penalise those who have adhered to the prevalent ideology and pass the 'buck'.

The policy of succesive governments since Thatcher has decimated the sector most needed by the majority who for a variety of reasons cannot buy and now can barely afford to rent in the private,read 'market',economy.

Do not feel guilty, you have done as they 'preached' the shame is on succesive Governments for failing to balance the effects of their policies and peoples needs.

  bumpkin 22:55 25 Sep 2015

Should I Be Made To Feel Guilty?

Simple answer is no. Your home, you earned it, you can do as you wish with it. It will become somone elses eventually anyway so you are not depriving anybody.

Swapping homes with your daughter which has been suggested seems like a good idea but it is definitely not in my opinion for reasons too mumerous to mention.

  spuds 09:46 26 Sep 2015

"Swapping homes with your daughter which has been suggested seems like a good idea but it is definitely not in my opinion for reasons too mumerous to mention."

Yes there is sense in that statement, because alt types of situations might arise, from whether the daughter or other member of family want to move to a different area, jobs, taxes, the list can be endless.

I know a family who downsized, letting their original property out to rent, and that simple solution became an even bigger burden.

I seem to recall, that it wasn't all that long ago, when council's were being informed, that any property they had, then that property should have a rent at the private market level. I haven't anything of this recently, so perhaps the government and council's have had a rethink, because of possible backlash incidents occurring!.

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