Should have gone to spec savers

  carver 14:19 19 Feb 2014

How many times in the past have we heard about friendly fire by these lot near miss

Should they be glad he's a crap pilot and can't aim or be angry that he nearly killed them because he doesn't know where he's dropping his bombs.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 14:40 19 Feb 2014

A similar thing happened in 2001 to some folk I knew; the US insisted on being given friendly coordinates whereas our SF SOP was only to give the enemy ones. The US pilot punched in the friendly ones...

Full story here ( unit name undisclosed!!)

SF in Afghanistan

  fourm member 15:51 19 Feb 2014

'How many times in the past have we heard about friendly fire by these lot'

But how less often do we hear about civilians being hit, especially by drones?

  kad292 17:39 19 Feb 2014

'smart bombs' and 'smart pilots' obviously do not mix.

  carver 18:11 19 Feb 2014

spider9 " from your nice safe armchair" the way the USA shoot at people I don't think I'm safe in that armchair.

  Woolwell 22:05 19 Feb 2014

There certainly have been "mistakes" made by all sides, including the British (British v British as well) for almost as long as there has been conflict. It is easy to pass judgement but you also have to appreciate what a pilot (who almost certainly isn't crap) has to do under stress, adrenaline running high, with a high workload trying to get it right.

As for drone strikes I suspect that their use has hardened people against the USA. Unfortunately all drones get tarred by the same brush. There is a place for drones but not as used by the CIA.

  carver 09:52 20 Feb 2014

spider9 please tell how I have been sheltering under their umbrella, the Americans for all their posturing are in this war in Afghanistan because of past involvement in supplying arms to the people they are now fighting.

"Why do you have such a distaste for the USA personnel"

I have never said that I do not like the American soldier and please point me to the posting that says I do not like them.

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