Should all of the licence fee go to the BBC?

  jz 22:39 04 Jun 2006

Rather than hijacking another thread on whether there should be a licence fee...

Should some of the licence fee go to other broadcasters, who can apply for a portion if they make a case to produce certain types of programmes that wouldn't be feesible if paid by advertising alone?

  De Marcus™ 22:56 04 Jun 2006

Err, no...

  oresome 23:11 04 Jun 2006

I seem to think one or more of the alternative channels have received subsidies. If not from the licence fee, from the public purse.

  Jim Thing 00:21 05 Jun 2006

Should all of the licence fee go to the BBC?

Yes, Yes and Yes again.

Commercial television exists solely to sell stuff. It is big business which, like any other, should stand or fall on its ability to make a profit by turning out a product that its clients (in this case the advertising industry) are happy to pay good money for. If the most profitable way to ensure this is by inserting islands of ads in an ocean of crap, then so be it — that's life in 2006.

The BBC, on the other hand, should continue to be run exclusively as a public service, funded from the public purse in one way or another. It should then be possible for us to tell the beeb to quit wasting our money by adding to the sea of crap, to abandon its insane (and totally unnecessary) ratings chase, and to concentrate on the things that once made it the envy of the world.

Here endeth the rant for today.
</Grumpy Old Man mode>

  Charence 03:45 05 Jun 2006

Only if the other channels get rid of the adverts and broadcast some good programs.

  mole44 08:25 05 Jun 2006

licence fee is to recive the broacast signal sat/cable/terrestial,only a portion of the fee goes to the you still need a licence even if you don`t watch the BBC.look on your licence and all will be revield.

  walesrob 12:10 05 Jun 2006

I work in local radio, and we have debates about the beebs licence fee and how the corporation distorts the radio and TV market. Theres no denying that the BBC is possibly the best in the world at Public service broadcasting, and long may it continue.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:49 05 Jun 2006

The licence fee costs around 30p/day...I cannot believe no one cannot afford that even 'poor, impoverished students' who seem to be able to affoird beer../sigh

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:53 05 Jun 2006

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes.

  folder4mags 18:39 06 Jun 2006

Yes, but, the interesting thing about the BBC is that own a large portfolio of expensive properties, one in leafy surrey worth millions. That and the amount of profit they make from BBC DVD's, Videos, Music & talking books these help the corporation bring in a nice little profit.

Advertising is not allowed on BBC1 or 2, but may be allowed on BBC3 + 4 and other channels. The Beeb are at their most profitable in years & have considored selling off parts of the vast profit making sections to pay for the expanding next generation of digial tv, for the BBC this is a very healthy time to sell off profit making sections, who only 10 years ago were loss makers.

Oh how things have changed with Auntie.

  Jim Thing 20:41 06 Jun 2006

"The Beeb are at their most profitable in years..."

Aye, indeed — which makes it all the more difficult to understand why the Beeb seems to feel the need to go hurtling downmarket in pursuit of increased audence ratings. Why should Auntie bother her head with ratings at all, come to that? Unlike the commercial broadcasters, her income doesn't depend on her ability to convince the ad agencies that she can deliver audiences of millions all eager to buy shampoo, sofas, etc.

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