Shopping at a department store

  Terry Brown 16:51 02 Jul 2012

An advert come through the door advertising Debenhams 'Blue Cross Sale', Up to 70% off, as i needed a new pair of chino's, I went over there and found a pair that I liked the look of. I looked for the price on the ticket-not there, checked around the stand they were on, and noticed that NONE of the items had price tags or prices displayed.

I then found an assistant and asked her the price of the chino's and her reply was." Take them to the checkout and when they ring up the sale you will know the price".

To me that is unacceptable- and I walked out of the shop and bought a pair elsewhere.

What would you have done?


  ams4127 17:18 02 Jul 2012

Exactly the same as you did. Might also have had a few choice words to say, as well.

  Quickbeam 18:05 02 Jul 2012

Staff just aren't of the same caliber as they used to be...

  BT 18:37 02 Jul 2012

Take it to the checkout and let them go through all the procedures then say " I'm not paying THAT!" and walk off.

  Bingalau 18:41 02 Jul 2012

BT. That is the way to do it of course. What annoys me is that when I worked in pub management we had to have the prices displayed in a prominent place for the customer to see. I think that should apply to all retail establishments.

  daz60 18:49 02 Jul 2012

What annoys me is that within a minute of entering a store i can feel a presence on my shoulder or worse i can see a person lock onto me like a guided missile and there is no escape except retreat.

  spuds 19:32 02 Jul 2012

I tend to find 'Guess the price' is becoming more popular in some places. At least in one or two places, the assistant as taken the item, and returned a short time later with the price. By that time I have decided I didn't want the item?.

  Aitchbee 19:48 02 Jul 2012

Bingalau - down my local there are notices on the windows which can be read at fifty paces away (from the bus) "All pints 2.50...7 days a week".

So sensible.

  Terry Brown 08:10 03 Jul 2012

Doing some digging around and it seems this is getting common practice, as very few people challenge it, just pay up.

I thought it was just a one off thing, but apparantly not.

If I come across this in future I intend to make a fuss in the shop, and if possible get the manager out to explain the shops policy.

The regulations seem to make it clear that prices should be displayed, but do not have to be.

or is this symptom of the eastern curture where we are expected to haggle over prices?


  birdface 16:49 03 Jul 2012

If I can't see any prices in shop windows I do not go in.

Goes back to the old days when shopping and you seen something nice in the window without a price tag and was told if you can't see the price you probably cannot afford it.

Still see the odd shops like that around and guess what I still don't go in.

That last click here does not work for me Terry.

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