Shopping channel ripoff?

  gengiscant 10:16 02 Oct 2009

After the retuning of my freeview boxes I discovered I could receive Bid TV a shopping channel who purports to drop prices all day.
They also have web watch which shows how they undercut prices on the net.

This looks good I thought until I started to do a bit of research. What with the C word not far away and things tight this looked a good opportunity to bag some bargains.

Sorry,is it me. I looked at a phone, found it cheaper elsewhere same with 2 cameras and a PVR and DVD player.

Am I missing something here. When I factored in the postage which seems to be £8.00 and the cost of a premium rate phone call the so called bargains are not all that they seem to be.
The rubbish stuff seems to drop in price,but again add post and phone and they don't seem so good,or am I looking for more than I should from this type of channel?

  jack 10:24 02 Oct 2009

Please tell us something new
I always view shopping channels something of a Dutch Auction-
Interesting -sometimes -to look in on - but to actually buy something?

  lofty29 10:36 02 Oct 2009

The majority of the auction channels are somewhat dubious, however I would not condemn all the shopping channels, we have had some very good results from a least one. All it takes is a little bit of common sense, the same applies to ebay, you often see people getting carried away with bidding and ending up paying far more that they could have got the same item for from amazon, I have used ebay quite a lot but am always careful, and have only had one bad experience.

  interzone55 11:14 02 Oct 2009

I once stumbled upon a jewellery channel when I tuned into Five US too early. They had a ring for sale that they reckoned was worth over £1200, the current price on screen was less than £200. Now that's either a bargain, or the original price was vastly inflated.

My guess is the latter...

  JoeC 12:41 02 Oct 2009

What gets my goat is the start price.
You will see an item with a start price of i.e. £23,000 and then watch as it drops to 500. I wrote a complaint to ASA about it and was told "as long as the person on screen does not imply that the item they are selling is actually worth the start price it is okay". I have seen - in very small print and, if you are quick enough - a little message passing along the screen saying the start price is "just somewhere to start". Fair enough, but this is shown when the presenter is extolling the virtues etc of the item on screen. When watching the presentation I am sure that some people may actually think that item is worth the start price.

  BRYNIT 13:31 02 Oct 2009

You could say that retailers with these Half price + discount during a sales are a rip-off. They show a price that most people would not pay for a few weeks and then reduce this to half price. The original selling price is in my opinion overinflated so they would not loosing any profit with this type of discount.

Years ago the discount during a sale was about 10% this gave you a small saving during the sale but did not stop people buying other times. Over the years prices have been over inflated to allow for larger discounts and interest free credit during the sales to try and entice the customers. This has in my opinion caused the problem of people now waiting for the sales/promotions before buying large items, we now have a continuous sale.

  morddwyd 20:25 02 Oct 2009

Only a rip off if you actually pay the inflated price, and not even then if you think you've got a bargain.

If it looks too good to be true ................

  Grey Goo 21:02 02 Oct 2009

There are some bargains to be had on price drop and bid tv. You just have to resist buying everything that comes up, sometimes best to look on line at their web clearance items, just got a 400watt jigsaw for £1.25, it will serve my purposes for the odd jobs.

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