Shopping Centre Car Parks

  Al94 20:22 20 Jul 2010

I've often ridiculed people who park in the middle of two spaces to protect their car.

For the second time in four months I returned to my car today to find heavy scuff damage to the rear bumper drivers side with copious amounts of red paint on the blue bumper. With a bit of luck the bumper can be repaired this time, last time it was so badly damaged it had to be replaced.It will still need repaired and repainted.

Whoever did it obviously cut too close when parking and caught the bumper with their passenger side. Of course they buggered off so I am hit in the pocket yet again. Checked with security and no CCTV coverage of that part of the car park.

In future I will join the ranks of the double space parker or even park at 45 degrees over three spaces!

Rant over!

  oresome 22:14 20 Jul 2010

I try to park at the furthest point from the mall entrance and usually have empty spaces either side.

Car now four years old and only has one dent from careless door openings.

Strangely, when I drove a company car the shortest distance to the entrance was the prime requirement.

I also prefer a high point to avoid runaway trolleys and have been known to reject all available spaces and shop elsewhere if my criteria aren't met!

  Quickbeam 00:32 21 Jul 2010

I never park next to a van or an old banger.

  bigpeta 05:33 21 Jul 2010

get yourself a blue badge then you can park in the reserved spaces with ample door opening space either side.
there is a slight downside - you have to be disabled first - but at least your car doesnt get scratched

  canarieslover 07:58 21 Jul 2010

"get yourself a blue badge then you can park in the reserved spaces with ample door opening space either side."
I would not place a bet on that. I have seen the results of a wheelchair scraped along the side of a car. It made more of a mess than a carelessly opened door.

  morddwyd 08:21 21 Jul 2010

Agree with canarieslover.

I have a blue badge and still get banged and scraped (the car not me!) on a regular basis.

Only last month I spent a day polishing out a full length scratch from front wing to rear wing.

  Armchair 10:11 21 Jul 2010

I also try to avoid parking next to any other vehicles. My local Tesco has a single space next to their wind turbine, and even though it's as far away from the entrance as you can park, I always aim to park there.

When I visit the local shopping centre I always head for areas where I know there aren't going to be many cars parked for the next few hours (eg The rooftop carpark). I won't park in a crowded car park where drivers are hunting for spaces.

My two year old car has still become damaged, though! A mysterious dent in the bonnet which I must get fixed. Also, when I was driving along at speed one day, something struck the top of the driver's door with some force. Still not sure if it was a stone thrown up from another vehicle, or some idiot had taken a potshot at me with an air rifle. Certainly damaged the paintwork, anyway.

Whatever the bother and expense, though, I'm glad I don't have to travel by bus any more.

  DANZIG 11:53 21 Jul 2010

I was parked in Staples car park in Halifax. I was actually in the car when a young lady in quite possibly the tallest 4x4 I've ever seen casually reversed out of her parking space straight into the side of mine. She obviously couldn't see me from her elevated position and only stopped reversing after the huge spare tyre on the back of her car had dented my drivers side door in and I'd sounded the horn quite angrily I thought.

Quite scary!

  morddwyd 12:06 21 Jul 2010

Very scary when you consider it could have been a young mum with a buggy who she didn't see!

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